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Forms and Checklists

The BGRPA Administrative Review Unit receives all NJPDES permit applications. The applications are reviewed for administrative completeness before being forwarded to the applicable permitting program.

Permit applications include new permits; renewals; major modifications; and revoke and reissue permits. Minor modifications such as name changes, transfer of ownerships, or a change of permittee are also processed in this unit.

Administrative reviews of NJPDES applications are performed in accordance with N.J.A.C. 7:14A. The submission of adminsitratively complete applications are essential for proper and timely processing of NJPDES applications.

The forms and checklists provided on this site are sorted according to discharge type. The navgation bar to the left allows you to select the type of discharge application that is needed. Once you select the discharge type, applications are sorted according the specific discharge category. Read the discharge category description and download all forms associated with that category. If you need assistance, please contact the BGRPA at 609-984-4428 and request assistance from the Administrative Review Unit.

Checklists are available for each discharge category. Checklists identify all forms and/or other information that need to be submitted to the Department to avoid application deficiency.

Some of the Division's forms have been formatted with data fields to facilitate completion. They require Adobe Reader (free program). While the forms are easier to use than the standard text versions, there is one drawback associated with the Adobe software: If you are using Adobe Reader to open and edit the document, you will not be able to save changes. As soon as you exit Reader, the data will be lost. As such, it is suggested that you print each page of the application immediately upon completion. Tthis way, if you are unable to complete the form in one session, you will not lose all of your work and can simply start on the next blank page.

If you are using the full version of Adobe, you can save changes as you would in a typical word processing program. Open "file" then "save" and give the .pdf document a name to store it on your hard drive.

Documents to Assist with Completing NJPDES Forms:
NJPDES Program Discharge Category Codes

Program Links:
Permit Administration Section
Bureau of Stormwater Permitting
Bureau of Surface Water and Pretreatment Permitting
Bureau of Ground Water, Residuals, and Permit Administration
Municipal Finance and Construction Element
Bureau of Construction and Connection Permits
Treatment Works Approval Permits

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