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Additional Administrative Forms for NJPDES Permits storm drain

Description Form Title
Contact Information Update Form (NJPDES-2)
blue arrow Contact Information Update Form (NJPDES-2) (274 kb) pdf

Important Note: This form is used to update specific contact information for personnel involved in handling different aspects of a NJPDES permit. If there is any change to the Permittee/Operating Entity or Property/Land Owner (e.g. organization name change, sale of a facility, etc...), the Application for a Transfer of a NJPDES Permit form will need to be completed.

Procedure for Inactivation of Monitoring and Reporting Requirments
blue arrow Inactivation of NJPDES Permit Monitoring and Reporting Requirements pdf
  Inactivation” means that a permittee still possesses a valid NJPDES permit except that the permitted discharge has ceased, been temporarily discontinued or has not yet commenced.  The submission of Monitoring Report Forms is not required unless the outfall(s) is reactivated.  
Revocation Request Form


blue arrow Revocation Request Form (NJPDES-4) (338 kb)
blue arrow Additional form, as necessary, for storm water permits:

Permanent No Exposure Certification Form (425 kb)

  Revocation” means that a permittee no longer possesses a valid NJPDES permit. For consolidated permits this means all discharge categories have ceased. The submission of Monitoring Report Forms is no longer required.  
Permit Transfer Form
blue arrow Application for Transfer of a NJPDES Permit (311 kb) pdf
Agreement to Do Business Electronically
blue arrow Agreement to do Business Electronically (32kb) pdf
Agreement Form for Electronic Submission of Monitoring Report Forms (MRFs)
blue arrow NJPDES Agreement for Electronic Submission of MRFs (202kb) pdf

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