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General Permits

General permits are used by the Division of Water Quality to streamline processing time for specific classes of wastewater discharges. In issuing general permits, processing time is greatly reduced because a standard set of conditions specific to a discharge type are developed and issued at one time (rather than issuing individually tailored permits for each discharger). After a general permit has undergone the required draft, public comment, and final issuance stages, it becomes available to dischargers that meet the established discharge requirements. General permits are currently available for the following types of discharges:

pdfSurface Water Discharges pdfStormwater Discharges
pdfCombined Sewer Overflows pdfGround Water Discharges

pdfList of NJPDES General Permits
A document (in Adobe Acrobat Format - 25k) that lists all current NJPDES General Permits including the permit number, category code, discharge type, and year issued. Click here to access.

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