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waterIndustrial Stormwater Permitting Program General Permits

This section of the program regulates industrial facilities to minimize pollutants entering stormwater runoff throughout New Jersey. General Permits are issued by the Department to ensure that Best Management Practices (BMPs) are an active component of a company's operations. Both the Basic Industrial Stormwater General Permit and the Industry Specific General Permits require a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SPPP) with BMPs to eliminate or minimize stormwater exposure to source material. To learn more about the categories of industrial stormwater permits or to learn how to obtain a general stormwater permit select one of the links below.

General Permits
loading dock Basic Industrial Stormwater Permit (5G2) Scrap Metal (SM) Scrap Metal (SM, SM2) concrete truck Concrete Products Manufacturing (CPM)
asphalt plant Hot Mix Asphalt Producers (R4) housing Construction Activities (5G3) pigs Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (R8)
airplane Newark Airport (R5) Mining & Quarrying Activities (R13) Sand and Gravel (RSG)
wood recyclers Wood Recyclers (R7) tires Vehicle Recycling (RVR)    

For questions on these general permits please contact the Industrial Stormwater Program at 609-633-7021.


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