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Technical Manuals and Guidance Documents

Technical Manuals help applicants prepare complete permit applications and provide guidance for the various Division of Water Quality programs.

Technical Manuals and Guidance Documents:

Associated Program Title Updated File Type File Size
Technical Manual for Stormwater Permitting (1) stormmanual
Technical Manual for Applications for Treatment Works Approvals Under N.J.A.C. 7:9A stormmanual
Technical Manual for NJPDES Discharge to Ground Water Permits stormmanual
Sludge Sampling and Analytical Guidance Document
Technical Manual for Residuals Management (1) residualmanual
Technical Manual for PCB Pollutant Minimization Plan Preparation pcbtechman.pdf
Technical Manual for Reclaimed Water for Beneficial Reuse Download pcp_pmp_techman.pdf
NJPDES Monitoring Report Form Manual mrfmanual
Field Sampling Procedures Manual .html
Guidance for 50 or More Realty Improvement Certifications stormmanual
Technical Guide for Sizing and Positioning of: Spray Irrigation Systems, Overland Flow Systems, and Infiltration/Percolation Systems; and Surface Impoundments stormmanual
Guidelines for Developing Ground Water Protection Program Plans stormmanual
(1) To obtain hard copies of the any of the footnoted documents, contact the DEP Map Sales & Publications Office at (609) 777-1038.

Currently, all other Division of Water Quality Technical Manuals are being rewritten and are out of print and no longer available. As these manuals are completed, electronic copies will be placed on this page. Contact individual programs for further information.

Program Links:
Permit Administration Services
Bureau of Stormwater Permitting
Bureau of Surface Water and Pretreatment Permitting
Bureau of Ground Water, Residuals, and Permit Administration

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