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Glossary - R

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"Radon" means the radioactive noble gas radon-222.

"Radon Act" means N.J.S.A. 26:2D-70 et seq.

"Radon progeny-in-air" means the short-lived radionuclides formed as a result of the decay of radon-222. The short-lived radon progeny consist of polonium-218, lead-214, bismuth-214 and polonium-214.

"Radon/Radon Progeny-in-Air Program" means the Department's program implementing the portion of the Radiation Protection Act governing radon and radon progeny, N.J.S.A. 26:2D-70 et seq.

"Range-finding toxicity test" means, for Acute Toxicity Testing, a short-term (usually 24 hours), small-scale test to determine the approximate concentration range to be covered in full-scale definitive testing. This is especially useful with effluents or materials of unknown toxicity.

"Raw data" means the data generated during the sample preparation and analysis. The data includes analyst notebook entries, bench sheets, standards preparation, instrument calibration, method QC, strip chart graphs, computer printouts, and integrator printouts.

"Reagent water" means water used for chemical testing that meets the specifications of Type I (or better) and Type II (or better) reagent waters as defined in the current version of ASTM D1193. Type I reagent water is required for inorganics analysis. Type II reagent water is required for organics analysis and sampling equipment decontamination.

"Record" means all information and data recorded and/or stored on paper, microfilm/microfiche or computer systems.

"Regulatory program" means any of the statutes listed in N.J.A.C. 7:18?1.1(c), any regulations or orders issued pursuant to those statutes, or the Contract Laboratory Program.

"Regulatory purposes" means for the purpose of determining compliance with a regulatory program.

"Regulatory sample" means either of the following:

1.. A sample taken and/or analyzed to comply with a regulatory program; or
2. A proficiency evaluation (PE) sample.

"Renewal toxicity test" means, for Acute Toxicity Testing, a static test with periodic exposure (at least once every 24 hrs.) of the test organisms to a fresh test solution of the same concentration. This is accomplished either by transferring the test organisms or replacing the test solution.

"Replicate sample" means a sample prepared by dividing a homogeneous sample into separate parts so that each part is also homogeneous and representative of the original sample.

"Response" means, for Acute Toxicity Testing, the observed biological effect of the material tested. In acute toxicity tests, the observed effect is usually death.


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