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Pesticide Dealer Business

Online reports are available over the internet through the Online Reports portal where one can search the PCP licensing database for information on dealer businesses (companies that sell restricted-use pesticides). You can search by the business license number or by the business name. You can also search for such businesses by the county they are located in. That report would be useful to locate pesticide dealers in your area.

Information about Pesticide Dealer Business Licensing

Beginning in 1983, the NJ Pesticide Control Regulations required that: No person shall cause, suffer, allow or permit the operation of a business which distributes federal or New Jersey restricted-use pesticides to end users in New Jersey, without that business being licensed as a Pesticide Dealer Business with the NJ Pesticide Control Program (PCP).

A Pesticide Dealer Business is defined as any person or organization which ultimately controls the transactions conducted at, and the operations of, a pesticide dealer outlet. In other words, if the pesticide dealer outlet authorizes the distribution of a restricted-use pesticide to an end user, it is a Pesticide Dealer Business. This includes any salesperson or agent of a pesticide dealer who conducts transactions out of a location, such as his home, which is different from the main outlet of the business with which he is associated, if that salesperson or agent is authorizing the distribution.

Each pesticide dealer outlet from which restricted-use pesticides are distributed, sold or offered for sale to end users in New Jersey must be licensed. Each name under which a pesticide dealer outlet operates must be licensed separately. The licensing requirement also applies to out-of-state outlets from which restricted-use pesticides are distributed, sold or offered for sale to New Jersey end users.

Each Pesticide Dealer Business must employ at least one licensed Responsible Certified Pesticide Dealer who works at that outlet. If there is a change of the Responsible Certified Pesticide Dealer at a business location, complete the Dealer Business/Responsible Certified Dealer Change Form and mail to the address indicated at the top of the form.

The Pesticide Dealer Business License must be renewed annually. The license year is from November 1st to October 31st. Application forms will be accepted throughout the year, however, the full license fee is required for licensing for any part of that year.

Instructions for Completing Form VPL-014: Application for the Initial Licensing of a Pesticide Dealer Business

To initially apply for a Pesticide Dealer Business License, complete form VPL-014, the Application for the Initial Licensing of a Pesticide Dealer Business. Form VPL-014 can be saved as a Microsoft Word document & completed using your computer, or can be printed as a hardcopy.

1. Follow the instructions on the top of the form.
2. If completing by writing, please print & do so neatly.
3. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.
4. If mailing in, send to the letterhead address. Also, make sure the required signature is on the form.
5. If sending in electronically, send the completed VPL-014 form (as a Microsoft Word document) by e-mail to

Do not submit the $150.00 license fee at this time. After receipt of the application form the PCP will send you an invoice for the Pesticide Dealer Business License. That invoice will be used to pay the $150.00 license fee, and upon receipt of payment the license will be issued.

A Pesticide Dealer Business License renewal will be automatically sent to you before the expiration date of your license. Any changes to the Pesticide Dealer Business License must be reported to the PCP within 30 days.

If you have any questions pertaining to Pesticide Dealer Business licensing, call the PCP at (609) 984-6507.


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