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Rutgers Pesticide Training Manuals

As of September 1, 2020 all Pesticide Certification exams are closed book. The passing score for a closed book exam is 75%.

The pesticide certification exams are based on the following training manuals. Compare the date or code number on your training manual with the following list to be certain you are studying the correct manual. Manuals can be obtained through Rutgers from your County Cooperative Extension Office or at

The training manuals cost anywhere from $20 to $45, depending on the manual requested. Manuals are not available from the Pesticide Control Program.

NJDEP-Pesticides Revision/Issue Date
Core Commercial
July 2009
1A Agricultural Plant
Sept 2006
1B Agricultural Animal
Mar 1999
2 Forest
Jan 2008
3ABC- Ornamental, Turf, Plantscaping
Jan 2006
4 Seed Treatment
Sept 1977
5 Aquatic
Oct 2011
6B Right of Way
June 2015
Cornell (2012)
7A General & Household
June 2016
7B Termites & other Wood Destroying
July 2014
7C Fumigation
July 1997
7D Food Processing
Aug 1981
7E Wood Preserving
Aug 1984
7F Antifoulants
Mar 1991
8A General Public Health
Apr 2019
8B Mosquito (+ Tick insert)
Jan 2010
8C Campground  
8D Cooling Water  
8E Sewer Line Root Control
Sept 1995
8F Pet Grooming  
9 Regulatory  
10 Demonstration & Research  
11 Aerial
Dec 1995
12AB Antimicrobial
Sept 1994
13 IPM in Schools
May 2008
Nov 1994
Oct 2013



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