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Bureau of Licensing & Registrations



The Department and Rutgers University are pleased to announce that the new online Pesticide Applicator Certification Exam Registration (PACER) system is NOW AVAILABLE for your use. Anyone interested in taking a Pesticide exam must register through the PACER system at

  • The registration PACER system and exams are available 24/7.  
  • All exams will be administered via remote proctoring including real-time student ID verification and activity monitoring to uphold the Department’s exam standards and security. 
  • All exams are CLOSED book.
  • Exam applicants will pay a fee to Rutgers for each exam.


After an Exam:


You can expect email notification of your scores from Rutgers in 7-10 days.


Exam scores and history for those already possessing a license (license number) will be available from NJDEP’s Online Reports, (see report titled Pesticide Certification Exam Info - Search By License Number )


-IF YOU PASSED AN EXAM AND ALREADY HAVE A LICENSE – The new category/s will be added to your license record (allow 2 weeks from the Rutgers email notification date of your passing grade/s for this to process). This information will then be available in NJDEP’s Online Reports, (see reports titled Commercial Certified Pesticide Applicators by Name or License Number).


-IF YOU PASSED CORE AND COMMERICAL CATEGORY EXAMS or the PRIVATE EXAM FOR A NEW LICENSE - You will need to pay for this new license.  All New licensees will need to pay a license fee to NJDEP in order to receive a valid and current license. This fee is separate from the EXAM fee you have already paid.


An invoice record will generate, which is payable & processable online and should be available 2 weeks from the Rutgers email notification date of your passing grade(s). However, delivery of paper invoices may be delayed several weeks beyond invoice availability which can be found online.


To pay & process an invoice online, visit NJDEP’s Online Reports.

To look up an invoice number, see report titled: Invoice Numbers for Unpaid License Invoices – Individuals. Remember that your NEW license number is found in the email you received from Rutgers. Use that invoice number to pay for your license online, for both Commercial and Private Licenses (a Private License invoice carries a zero-dollar amount). IMPORTANT! Zero-dollar amount invoices still need to be paid and processed through the system to receive a current and valid license.



You may re-apply directly to Rutgers at to retake an exam. You will need to pay for any exams you re-take.




Be advised that due to staff limitations related to the COVID 19 health emergency, processing and mailing of pesticide licenses may experience significant delays.  Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for license arrival via mail. In the meantime, you can access and print the status of your payment and license. This printed information will be honored by Enforcement Inspectors until your actual license is received.  To find and print your license status, use NJDEP’s Online Reports, and select one of the following appropriate  licenses from the alphabetical report list.  There are two reports available for each subject matter: search by either: 1) name or 2) license number:

  • Applicator Business
  • Certified Pesticide Dealers
  • Commercial Certified Pesticide Applicators
  • Commercial Pesticide Operators
  • Pesticide Dealer Information
  • Private Certified Pesticide Applicators



General Information related to all Pesticide Licenses

Still need to pay for a license? Look-up your invoice? see reports listed below at NJDEP’s Online Reports titled:


 Invoice Numbers for Unpaid License Invoices–Businesses

     Invoice Numbers for Unpaid License Invoices–Individuals (for Applicators-Commercial & Private, Operators & Dealers)

*NOTE: If you need to change the Pesticide Applicator Business address on file with us, please do not request this change when making payment on the Operator’s invoice. You must use the following form  (click) to complete these changes and make them official with the Department. Once you complete this form, please email it to for processing.


In accordance, with Pesticide Control Regulation NJAC 7:30-5.3g, when Pesticide Operator information has changed, or is no longer employed by your company, you must notify the Department in writing within 30 days. Please email  with this information so the record can be updated or deleted. Non-compliance with this regulation may result in an Enforcement Action.

To apply for a Pesticide Applicator Business License you must submit this request on our official VPA-013 form, Application for the Initial Licensing of a Pesticide Applicator Business and email it to

**PESTICIDE CONTINUING EDUCATION UNIT (CEU) revised ALERT (issued August 19, 2021)**

Based on the current COVID 19 public health emergency, the Department has extended an interim policy allowing 100% online CEUs for remaining credits to accommodate for applicators whose 5-year recertification cycle ends October 31, 2021 and 2022. To verify if you are eligible, please click

Numerous online CEU courses are available and the Department continues to work directly with course providers to maintain an adequate number of online courses and CEUs while ensuring providers adhere to minimal online modality standards including student ID verification and class monitoring. For a list of available online CEU courses and providers, please click HERE.

Based on this interim policy, license recertification dates will not be extended. The Department anticipates that those licenses expiring in 2023 and beyond will be held to the standard maximum of 25% online training CEUs, however further policy adjustments will be considered based on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


It is recommended that Private Certified Pesticide Applicators process the “$0.00” fee for their license using the Pay for a License online service. The “$0.00” fee must be processed for a license to be generated.  Alternatively, the “$0.00” invoice may be signed and returned to Treasury but this will increase processing time significantly.  Failure to process the “$0.00” fee will prevent a license from being created or mailed.
Click here for the link to the easily accessible Pay for a License service to process the required “$0.00” Private Applicator fee.


The Application for the Initial Registration of a Pesticide Product is now a web form and replaces former application forms VPX-014A & VPX-014B. Note: ALSTAR system subscribers do not have to submit initial product registrations by using this web form.

About Us
The Bureau of Licensing and Registrations (BL&R) provides administrative support for the following professional licensing and/or certification programs: What We Do
The BL&R performs the required administrative process functions to meet the licensing and/or certification program demands:
  • Reviews and processes applications
  • Issues certifications, licenses, permits and registrations
  • Tracks individual continuing education credits
  • Performs customer assistance, educational outreach, and training
  • Facilitates licensing Board, advisory, and stakeholder meetings
  • Provides automated online reports and payment procedures

Contact Us

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