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New Jersey School Intergrated
Pest Management (IPM) Program


School IPM-National Resources

U.S. EPA - IPM in Schools - EPA's IPM in Schools Program

University of Florida - Extensive website for school IPM resources with specific information for administrators, faculty and staff, parents and pest management professionals.

NPIC - National Pesticide Information Center

IPM Technical Resource Center - The Center can provide a variety of resources to help you develop an Integrated Pest Management program to meet the needs of your schools.

Southwest Technical Resource Center for School IPM - For promotion of IPM through technical support and IPM resources for schools throughout the U.S.

Bio-Integral Resource Center-The IPM Specialists -BIRC has worked with local, state, and national agencies in devising programs of scientific research, policy, project design and implementation.

Safer Pest Control Project - A clearinghouse of information for the public including: specific IPM solutions to pest problems; health and environmental effects of pesticides; recent scientific research and legislation and referrals to regional and national organizations working on toxic chemical issues.

RISE (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment) - RISE serves as a resource and advocate on pesticides and fertilizers and provides current and accurate information on issues and research affecting the industry. RISE has news releases, fact sheets and other valuable information posted on its web site.

Healthy Schools Network - HSN promotes the development of state and national policies, regulations, and funding for school facilities environments, and has won national recognition for its Clearinghouse services, as well as its model program and outreach, now being replicated in numerous states.

Recommended School IPM Program websites-Other states

Maine School IPM

Massachusetts School IPM

Michigan Community and School IPM

Minnesota IPM in Schools

North Carolina School IPM

New Jersey Resources

Rutgers IPM Resourses - For IPM resources, training, listserv subscriptions and a School IPM website.

Rutgers Training Programs - For training programs in Landscape IPM and School IPM.

New Jersey One-Call - What's New - a New Jersey government newsletter.


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