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Worker Protection

Training workers and handlers, and the agricultural employers who hire them, is the foundation of the WPS program. For questions or to order any of the materials referenced below, send an email to:

Specific WPS requirements for New Jersey are described in Subchapter 12 of the NJ Pesticide Control Regulations.

Agricultural WPS Regulation Comparison Chart

This Comparison Chart is intended to provide compliance support to our Agricultural Community, helping them to ensure safe handling of pesticides for their workers and for nearby populations. This chart along with other supplemental guidance documents is intended to offer simplicity of text by outlining the changes for individuals regulated under both New Jersey WPS and recently updated Federal WPS Regulations. As New Jersey WPS Regulations are currently being revised, this chart will act as a living document subject to change pending public comment during the State’s WPS revision period (the present through 2019).



As of January 2, 2017

Compliance is required with MOST of the revised Federal WPS regulation, except those that take effect in 2018 and where NJDEP requirements are more stringent.

January 2, 2018

Compliance is required with ALL of the revised WPS requirements

  • Including new content on pesticide safety information display
  • Covering new content in worker and handler training
  • Suspension of applications by handlers if anyone is in the application exclusion zone

Quick Links to WPS Info:

Other Agricultural Links:

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
Bureau of Pesticide Compliance
Worker Protection Standard Unit
Contact Info: Supervisor Nancy Santiago (609) 984-6914 or or
Bureau of Pesticide Compliance (609) 984-6568

Please note in situations where the NJDEP requirement is more stringent than the Federal Worker Protection Standard, regulated individuals must comply with that requirement.  Otherwise, the Federal requirement is the standard for compliance.

For specific questions or concerns, please contact Nancy Santiago at 609-984-6568 or email Nancy at:

EPA Helpful Links to the 2015 WPS Revisions

EPA Revisions to Worker Protection Standard:

EPA Quick Reference Guide to The Worker Protection Standard (WPS) As Revised in 2015:

EPA Agricultural Worker Protection Standard (WPS) Comparison Chart of the New Protections to the Existing Protections October 2015:

EPA Agricultural Worker Protection Standard (WPS) Comparison Chart of the New Protections to the Existing Protections October 2015 (en Español):

EPA Agricultural Worker Protection Standard (WPS) Train the Trainer Guidance:

Videos on The 2015 WPS Revisions

EPA’s Revised Worker Protection Standard

Amy Liebman, Migrant Clinicians Network, Supports EPA’s Revised Worker Protection Standard

Trainer Information

Before training workers or handlers, you must first be recognized as a trainer. To qualify for  trainer recognition, you must meet one of the following criteria: be a licensed pesticide applicator; be currently qualified as a trainer by the EPA in another jurisdiction recognized by New Jersey; or have completed an approved train-the-trainer program.

The Application for Worker Protection Trainer Recognition/Agreement must be filled out, signed, and returned to this office in order for you to receive a trainer certificate. This must be done prior to conducting training in New Jersey.. The WPS Unit can also provide information for ordering training materials and supplies upon request.

Training rosters, which must be completed with information from training sessions, and submitted to this office, can be downloaded here:

WPS Educational Pamphlets and Fact Sheets

Regulations require agricultural employers to distribute educational pamphlets to their workers and handlers as part of new employee orientation and as part of the annual "refresher" training if the employee no longer has a copy.

Protect Yourself from Pesticides (English version)

Regulations also require agricultural employers to keep pesticide Fact Sheets on file, and provide them to workers and handlers upon request. The following Fact Sheets (English version) can be downloaded and kept on file for distribution:


Captan Organophosphates
Carbamates Synthetic Pyrethroids
Chlorothalonil Triazines

These materials are being distributed during inspections, at training sessions, and by calling the WPS Unit. Some of these materials are available in the following languages: Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Korean, Laotian, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Haitian, and Tagalog. These other languages will be available for downloading at this site in the future. In the meantime, to request any or all of these, call the PCP at (609) 984-6568, and indicate the number of copies you wish to receive.


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