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New Jersey Fish & Wildlife Council and Committee Members


The members of the Fish and Wildlife Councils and Committees in New Jersey are unpaid volunteers who act in the best interest of the state's fish and wildlife resources on behalf of the public. The councils help create and finalize each year's hunting and fishing regulations and enable the professional and scientific management of our resources. The Governor, with the consent of the Senate, appoints each member.

See Fish and Wildlife Councils and Committees for detailed information on the functions and roles of the various councils in managing our fish and wildlife resources.

Below are members of the various councils and committees as of August, 2017. Members can be contacted via the Division of Fish and Wildlife office:

Mail Code 501-03
P.O. Box 420
Trenton, NJ 08625-0420
Fax: 609-984-1414
E-mail Councils/Committees

Fish and Game Council
Marine Fisheries Council
Atlantic Coast Shellfisheries Council
Delaware Bay Fisheries Council
Endangered and Nongame Species Advisory Committee
Wildlife Rehabilitators Advisory Committee
Waterfowl Stamp Advisory Committee

Fish and Game Council
Frank Virgilio, Chair (Sportsman)
Phillip Brodhecker (Farmer)
Joe DeMartino (Sportsman)
Jim DeStephano (Sportsman)
Ed Kertz (Farmer)
Rick Lathrop (ENSAC Chair)
Robert Pollock (Public)
Robert Puskas (Farmer)
Loren Robinson (Sportsman)
Ken Whildin (Sportsman)
Vacant (Sportsman)

Marine Fisheries Council
Richard N. Herb, Acting Chair (Sportfish)
Dr. Eleanor Ann Bochenek (Public)
Dr. Patrick Donnelly (Sportfish)
Warren Hollinger (Del. Bay Shellfish Council)
Jeff Kaelin (Processor)
John J. Maxwell (Atl. Coast Shellfish Council)
Joe Rizzo (Commercial)
Robert R. Rush, Jr. (Sportfish)
Kevin Wark (Commercial)
Vacant (Public)
Vacant (Sportfish)

Atlantic Coast Shellfish Council
John Maxwell, Chair (Atlantic Co.)
Walter Johnson, III Vice Chair (Ocean Co.)
Paul Felder (Cape May Co.)
George Mathis, Jr. (Burlington Co.)

Delaware Bay Shellfish Council
Warren Hollinger, Chair (Cumberland Co.)
Steve Fleetwood, Vice Chair (Cumberland Co.)
Richard Malinowski (Salem Co.)
Scott Sheppard (Cumberland Co.)

Endangered and Nongame Species Advisory Committee (Links are to biographical information)

Dr. Rick Lathrop, Chair
Dr. James Applegate
Dr. Joanna Burger
Dr. Emile DeVito
Robin Dougherty
Russell Furnari
Howard Geduldig
Dr. Erica Miller
Dr. David Mizrahi
Jane Morton-Galetto
Dr. Howard K. Reinert

Wildlife Rehabilitators Advisory Committee
Diane Nickerson, Chair
Phillip Brodhecker
Giselle Chazotte-Smisko
Carol Dragland
Heather Freeman
Tracy Leaver
Dr. Erica Miller
Dr. Jennifer Norton
Michael O'Malley

Waterfowl Stamp Advisory Committee
Robert VonSuskil, Chair
Scott Barnes
Joseph DeMartino
Mike Kantor
Scott Paterson
Mike Shanahan
Jim A. Shissias
Dr. Lenore Tedesco
Ken Whildin

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