2021 New Jersey Freshwater Fishing Digest


There have been significant changes in trout regulations due to the COVID-19 situation. These changes are noted in RED in the PDF versions of the Freshwater Digest on this website.
See the Spring Trout Fishing Information page for details.

Fishing Digest Cover The 2021 New Jersey Freshwater Fishing Digest is available on this website in PDF format and will also be on the publisher's website in an interactive format. View it on J.F. Griffin Media's site now:

Digest segments and past issues are available on the 2021 Freshwater Fishing Digest PDF Segments page.

Print versions are available at license agents. Out-of-state residents can request a print copy by e-mailing sabrina.visco@dep.nj.gov.

Complete 2021 Freshwater Fishing DIGEST (pdf, 4.9mb)
Past Issues of the New Jersey Freshwater Fishing Digest

NOTE: The Holdover Trout Lakes regulations found on page 23 in the print version are incorrect for the period beginning January 1, 2021: the closing date for that period is March 21. This has been corrected in the online PDF versions.

Digest Advertising

The Division of Fish and Wildlife incorporates advertising in each issue of the New Jersey Fish and Wildlife Digest to defray publishing and printing costs. This responsible use of funding permits the Division to expand communication and outreach efforts with the sportsmen and women who enjoy our wildlife resources.

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