Hook-A-Winner Program

Youngster with Hook-A-Winner Trout
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Since 1998 the Division of Fish and Wildlife has jaw tagged more than 1,000 trout for the "Hook-A-Winner" Program. These tagged fish are distributed as part of the spring trout stocking program for the enjoyment of the state's trout anglers. The fish are stocked throughout the state and available beginning opening day.

If you are a lucky angler who lands one of these fish complete the form below (can be saved using Acrobat Reader) and attach to an e-mail to: nancy.geiger@dep.nj.gov

Hook-A-Winner Application Form (pdf, 110kb)

Or print and mail completed form to:

Hook-A-Winner Program
Pequest Trout Hatchery
605 Pequest Road
Oxford, NJ 07863

DO NOT MAIL TAG - Please send only the completed form.

In recognition of your catch you will be mailed a certificate and award patch.

Trout Fishing in New Jersey

Jaw tag close-up
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Hook-A-Winner Patch
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