R3 Program

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What is R3?


The purpose of the R3 Program is to place a priority on recruiting, retaining and reactivating sportsmen and women into active hunting, angling, and shooting sport participants. This is done through new innovative programs and workshops, improved management of wildlife species and habitats, as well as developing a conservation stewardship.

Current and Upcoming R3 & Other Workshops:

Become an Outdoor Mentor

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Looking for a Mentor?

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Why R3?

Due to hunter and shooting sport participation declining, the Division adopted the Outdoor Recreation Adaptive Model (ORAM) to guide the R3 Program to success. The R3 Program's main goals are to create new participation in an outdoor activity and increase participation rates of current or lapsed outdoor participants.

Hunters are one of the first conservation groups in New Jersey to have recognized the importance of setting aside dedicated open space for wildlife species, habitat protection and wildlife-associated recreation. The acquisition of more than 100,000 acres within the Division's WMA system can be directly attributed to hunters, and the operation, maintenance and development of these lands are funded primarily by hunters and target shooters. Target shooting participants fund hunter education programs, the operation and maintenance of 23 public shooting ranges and research projects with a focus on non-game and endangered species, like the bald eagle, bobcat, and red knot. Hunters and target shooters, an estimated $360 million dollars in license revenue, and Wildlife Restoration funding are largely responsible for the healthy and diverse wildlife populations that all New Jersey residents enjoy.

From 2006 to 2016 the number of people participating in hunting nationally dropped by 9%. During the same timeframe, the number of certified hunters in New Jersey dropped over 15%. With hunters aging out or losing interest, the Division could face major funding issues. This is when the National Hunting & Shooting Sports Action Plan came to fruition all across the US!

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Program Updates:

The R3 Program has taken over the state's pheasant stocking allocation, thus adopting the Youth Pheasant Hunt Program. If you have participated as a dog handler, mentor, or volunteer to the event in the past, and plan to continue your participation, please complete the attached R3 Mentor Application. This application allows you to be covered as a WCC Volunteer, provides you with yearend incentives, and provides opportunities to participate in other outreach hunting and shooting events across the state. Any questions, comments, or concerns can be directed to R3mentoredhunt@dep.nj.gov.