DEP aims for 9% of Sparta Mountain WMA to be managed to achieve old growth forest over 100 years old, no more than 9% total to be in various stages of young forest—early successional habitats of 0-20 years old, while 82% of the forest will remain as it is—in the mature forest stage of 60-99 years. With this mix, we will begin to see a greater diversity of wildlife species as well as plant species.

Placeholder imageSparta Mountain WMA Management Goals

9% Managed for Young Forest

82% Remains Mature Forest (not managed)

9% Managed for Old Growth Forest


How DEP Plans for Management

Each plan undergoes a NJDEP Lands Management Review Process, which means it will be reviewed internally by bureaus within NJDEP’s Natural and Historic Resources prior to implementation. Rare plants experts, biologists, and foresters all review and add recommendations that will provide the least amount of impact for the entire ecosystem.

Forest Stewardship Plan Sparta Mountain Wildlife Management Area [PDF 11.1MB]