Climate Resilience Design and Engineering

Stormwater Asset Management Planning

Stormwater asset management planning provides a structured approach, which can help reduce unexpected, expensive, and reactive system repairs and increasing overall stormwater system performance.

Guidance is available below for municipal managers seeking to learn more about asset management, as well as plan for and develop an asset management program.

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Defining Scope and Goals

Determine your asset management approach, including the scope (geographic area) of the assets to be covered, the level (quality) of service you want to achieve, the primary management group, and potential funding sources.

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Developing a Risk-based Plan

Develop and implement your asset management approach by building an asset inventory of your stormwater infrastructure, developing performance metrics to measure service, and establishing a maintenance plan to sustain that service

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Additional Resources

Further guidance and tools for asset management can be found at the following sources:

Additionally, NJDEP has regulations, permits, and manuals on the design and maintenance of stormwater infrastructure. Stormwater management rules at New Jersey Administrative Code (NJAC) 7:8 establish the design and performance standards for stormwater infrastructure built as part of a project that requires the review and approval of municipalities and/or NJDEP. The Stormwater Management Best Management Practice (BMP) Manual provides specific design criteria and maintenance requirements for such stormwater infrastructure. Additionally, the municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) permit includes maintenance and inventory requirements. Further information on stormwater management and training can also be found at the NJDEP stormwater management website. See also the International Standards Organization (ISO) Standard 55000.

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