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Stormwater Management Entity

As towns and counties intensify their focus on stormwater management—to control local flooding, maintain existing stormwater infrastructure, and improve water quality—they may wish to consider ways of enhancing their current operations, or joining with other towns or agencies to improve the cost-effectiveness of their stormwater services. A range of example options are presented herein for consideration by local and county operations. The options are provided to stimulate discussion about ways to improve local and county stormwater operations and maintenance activities.

These organizational ideas apply equally to green and gray infrastructure systems, and offer:

  • Options to alter the structure of the stormwater management operation
  • Ideas for improving the ways in which stormwater management services are organized
  • Approaches to expand the scope of services provided by existing stormwater management operations

In this site, we explore the value of and options for expanded stormwater services at the local, county, and regional agency scale.

The State of Stormwater Management
The State of Stormwater Management

Learn more about how stormwater management operations have functioned in NJ and the types of stormwater management practices employed to achieve more effective and efficient stormwater operations.

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Improving Stormwater Management
Improving Stormwater Management

Explore "institutional" options and opportunities in NJ to adjust existing stormwater management organizations, operations, and funding for existing and future stormwater infrastructure

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Who might be interested in improving stormwater management functions?

The information presented here is designed for anyone interested or involved in setting up, better organizing, or expanding the stormwater management functions in a town or county or public works group, such as municipal, county and consulting engineers, public works managers and directors, streets department superintendents, stormwater coordinators, planners, finance directors, attorneys, parks and recreation personnel and public utilities/public works staff.

Other local leaders that may find this information useful include the mayor and/or town manager and elected officials, and town advisory committees (e.g., environmental commission, water advisory committee, Sustainable Jersey Green Teams, etc.).

Stormwater Management Entities

Stormwater management entities are the functional teams in towns and counties that provide stormwater operations and services. Examples include municipal and county public works departments, local public or private utilities, stormwater utilities (as recently authorized in NJ), and local and regional agencies and authorities that might provide support for stormwater system operations and maintenance (O&M).

How can we improve stormwater system operations and maintenance (O&M) in NJ through organizational change?

There are many opportunities for local and regional stormwater O&M services in NJ to become more sustainable and resilient. This can be achieved by adjusting, revising, and expanding existing stormwater management operations, and improving O&M services for existing and future stormwater infrastructure. Approaches include implementing and retrofitting greener stormwater infrastructure systems, increasing the robustness of stormwater system O&M, and managing stormwater assets more proactively, all of which require reliable and adequate funding.