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Rebuild By Design – Meadowlands Project
Record of Decision (ROD), Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and Feasibility Study (FS)

As part of the environmental review process, DEP prepared a Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The FEIS describes in detail the purpose and need for the project, the alternatives considered, the NEPA Preferred Alternative, anticipated environmental impacts, project benefits, and potential mitigation measures. The last step of the NEPA process includes posting the Record of Decision (ROD) that formally announces the Alternative 3 Build Plan as the Selected Alternative for implementation of the Project. The ROD further discloses that this Project will have impacts on the human environment, and identifies the mitigation measures and best management practices that the DEP will implement to avoid and minimize impacts to the extent practicable.


Final Environmental Impact Statement

  • FEIS Abstract Cover Page
  • Download 1
    • Title, Executive Summary, Table of Contents  
    • Acronyms and Abbreviations
    • Chapter 1 | Introduction and Statement of Purpose and Need 
    • Chapter 2 | Proposed Project Alternatives 
    • Chapter 3 | Affected Environment 
  • Download 2
    • Chapter 4 | Environmental Consequences 
    • Chapter 5 | Cumulative Impacts 
    • Chapter 6 | Other Required Disclosures 
    • Chapter 7 | List of Preparers
    • Chapter 8 | References
    • Chapter 9 | Glossary
    • Chapter 10 | List of Stakeholders
    • Chapter 11 | Comments and Responses to Comments on the DEIS
  • Appendices
    • Download 3
      • Appendix A: Agency and Stakeholder Correspondence
      • Appendix B: Compliance with Federal, State, and Local Laws and Regulations
      • Appendix C: Projects Considered for the Cumulative Effects Analysis
      • Appendix D: Additional Data on EJ Communities of Concern in the Project Area
    • Appendix E: Cultural and Historical Resources
    • Download 4
      • Appendix F: Transportation Technical Memorandum and Supporting Documentation
      • Appendix G: Noise and Vibration Analysis Support Data
    • Download 5
      • Appendix H: Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
      • Appendix I: Sediment Scour and Deposition Analysis
      • Appendix J: Biological Resources Survey Report
      • Appendix K: Geology and Soil
      • Appendix L: Wetlands and Waters of the US
      • Appendix M: Coastal Zone Management
      • Appendix N: Hazards and Hazardous Materials
      • Appendix O: HUD Acceptable Separation Distance Technical Report
      • Appendix P: Public Comment Summary Report
      • Appendix Q: Essential Fish Habitat Assessment Report
  • Draft Feasibility Study

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