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Stormwater Maintenance Jobs Training for Municipalities or Counties/Regions


Maintenance training programs can expand technical skills for staff at agencies wishing to further develop their expertise on best maintenance practices. Training can help sharpen staff skills in best practices for condition assessments and regular maintenance activities to facilitate the effective performance of stormwater infrastructure.

Several training programs are offered in NJ, as well as beyond state borders, and some training is also web based. Training is offered through university-based programs, green business networks and also by several municipalities and counties throughout the country. Some programs will provide a teacher/ trainer, who will travel to a local facility to instruct students on operations and maintenance (O&M) practices that are specific to a locale. The links below identify several programs for the range of stormwater infrastructure types.

Certificate and certification programs, including one nationwide certification program, are also available.

Stormwater General Stormwater Training Photo
General Stormwater Training

General training programs on stormwater management address fundamentals of gray and green stormwater infrastructure and Low Impact Development.

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Stormwater Training Green Infrastructure Training Photo
Green Infrastructure Training

Green infrastructure maintenance training programs include best management practices for facilities such as pervious paving, bioretention basins, vegetated swales, and cisterns.

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Stormwater Training Gray Infrastructure Training Photo
Gray Infrastructure Training

Gray infrastructure maintenance training programs focus on maintaining the performance of traditional drainage and piped drainage systems.

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