Climate Resilience Design and Engineering

Training Delivery Options

Effective training programs for both green and gray infrastructure maintenance will include robust technical content on the operations and maintenance (O&M) of stormwater infrastructure. A good training program will also provide an in-the-field component where participants will become proficient in condition assessment and inspection techniques.

Training programs across the nation are offered in various formats, which include in-house training, offsite training, and online training.


Many municipalities, counties, and authorities have found it useful to control and manage the training process in-house to focus on specific and local issues. In-house specialized training offers the opportunity to address specific training gaps when it comes to stormwater management practices that include both green and gray infrastructure. Training programs vary in length and sometimes offer completion certificates.


Training programs are offered across the country by university and college institutions, business organizations, consulting agencies and government agencies. Many programs feature trainers that have earned certifications from the National Green Infrastructure Certification Program.

These training programs are offered at various times throughout the year. Some training programs will travel to the municipality or county that is seeking training.


Online training opportunities for stormwater infrastructure management are offered for both green and gray infrastructure. Online trainings offer flexibility with respect to time commitment and scheduling. Online training options are offered at various costs.

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