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NJDEP Digital Data Downloads in File Geodatabase and ArcView Shapefile formats:

NJ National Hydrography Dataset (NHD)
Waterbody and Stream Network:

In August 2010, NJDEP completed the statewide attribute transfer of the USGS 1:24000 high-resolution National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) to the 2002 Waterbody and Stream Network data layers. This data is a subset of the complete NHD geodatabase and includes only features within New Jersey borders. The NHDWaterbody2002 layer combines NHDArea and NHDWaterbody feature classes. The NHDStreams2002 includes only the NHDFlowline feature class for New Jersey. This stream data layer replaces the previous version as of January 2011. It is provided here in ESRI 9.2 File Geodatabase format with the geometric network, which can be used with the Utility Network Analyst toolbar.

NJDEP/BGIS is committed to the Stewardship and maintenance of the USGS National Hydrography Dataset. Periodic edits by NJDEP and surrounding states are conducted and may not be included in this layer. For the most current data visit the USGS NHD website and download the complete dataset by subbasin using the NHDViewer.

This data contains NHD compliant attributes including COMIDs and REACHCODEs. GNIS_ID, GNIS_NAME, FTYPE, and FCODE attributes are NHD compliant and were transferred from the NHD data layers. Officially recognized stream names have a GNIS_ID. All "unnamed tributaries" flowing into a named watercourse have the "tributary" extension. Sources of names include Surface Water Quality Standards layer, USGS NHDgeo NHDFlowline feature class, and earlier Hydrography layers. Discrepancies exist between these layers as well as published USGS topographic maps. These will be evaluated and corrected in later versions.

The shape files are for display and query only

ADVISORY: This data is being released for general distribution and is not legally binding. Users must check back to NJDEP GIS downloads page periodically for updated releases. NJDEP is releasing this version for public review and any potential data errors should be reported to the Metadata Reference Contact person listed in the metadata file.

By downloading this data, the user agrees to the data use constraints listed within the metadata record.

NHD Streams 2002 IMAGE METADATA Download Geodatabase Download Shape File
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NHD Waterbody 2002 IMAGE METADATA Download Geodatabase Download Shape File
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