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State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
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NJ Clean Construction Program

Purpose of Funding
To install pollution control devices on or to replace qualifying non-road construction equipment. These grants, the Off-Road Diesel Retrofit Grant and Off-Road Diesel Replacement Grant, will help reduce emissions of diesel particles and improve air quality. 

Application Deadline Applications are accepted on an on-going basis
Notification Date Approximately 1-2 weeks after application received

Source of Funding
USEPA DERA - $798,232.55

Statutory Citation
N.J.S.A. 13:1D-9 (r).

Who is Eligible
Qualifying public, private, for-profit, not-for-profit, educational, or governmental entities that own non-road construction equipment being used on a current or future construction project in New Jersey.

Grant Qualifications
Non-road construction equipment to be replaced must be used a minimum of 50% of its time in New Jersey. Minimum usage hours may be required. For replacements, and depending on funding source, the applicant must be able to match at least 70% or 75% of the purchase cost.

Grant Limitations
Funding cannot be used to replace equipment that was already planned for retirement in the next 5 years. Off-Road Diesel Replacement Grants are limited to a maximum award of $100,000 per piece of equipment.

Application Procedures
Applicants shall first submit an Inventory and Reporting Spreadsheet, followed by a Grant Application Questionnaire and Disclosure Form. Applicants will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis, in accordance with the following funding priorities:

  • Construction equipment used on projects that are conducted in urban areas;
  • Construction equipment with the highest use;
  • Older construction equipment.
For replacements, Applicants shall also submit three (3) quotes per piece of equipment. DEP will authorize funding for a quote meeting requisite equipment specifications. Funds will be allocated to approved projects until depleted. For more information on this program and to find the Inventory and Reporting Spreadsheet, visit:

For More Information, Contact;
NJ Department of Environmental Protection
Division of Air Quality, Bureau of Mobile Sources
P.O. Box 420, Mail Code: 401-02E
Trenton, NJ 08625
Phone: (609) 633-1220

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