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State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
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New Jersey Water Bank (NJWB) Program
(Wastewater Treatment, Stormwater Management and Combined Sewer Overflow)

Purpose of Funding

  • Provides low-interest loans for the construction of a variety of water quality protection measures, including wastewater treatment facilities and stormwater and nonpoint source management facilities.
  • The Financing Program also provides loans for activities such as open space land purchase and conservation, remedial action activities (including brownfields) and well sealing.

Source of Funding

  • The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
  • New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust (the Trust)

Statutory Citation
P.L. 1985, c. 329 N.J.S.A. 58:11B‑1 et seq. and P.L. 1992 c.88.

Who is Eligible

  • Municipalities
  • Counties
  • Sewerage or utility authorities
  • Joint meetings
  • Improvement authorities
  • Local government units constructing new or improving existing
    wastewater, stormwater or nonpoint source management facilities
  • Private Water Utilities

Qualifications Required for Consideration

  • Eligibility is determined according to the ranking criteria of the Federal Priority
    System developed each year by the DEP.
  • Each project is evaluated and point scores are assigned.
  • Projects are certified for funding based on list rank, amount of available funds, and
    compliance with requirements and deadlines for planning, design and application.

Loan Limitations
Eligible entities must:

  1. h2loans, and upon the eligibility determination, the project will be ranked and placed on the Project Priority List;
  2. Send in a commitment letter and Submit Clean Water Letter of Intent (Application Step 3 - Environmental Planning Document) and;
  3. Satisfy the planning, design and application deadlines and requirements Submit Clean Water Loan Application (Application Step 4 - Engineering Design and Specifications).

Application Procedures
The borrower can apply or submit documentation year-round using NJIB’s online H2lOANS (

Review Process
For Clean Water, the Priority System ranking methodology considers:

  • The type of project proposed
  • The existing water uses of the receiving waterbody
  • Public health impacts and other factor

For More Information, Contact;
Charles Jenkins

Application Deadline No Deadline
Application Contact Charles Jenkins

treatment plant

New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust (The Trust)
The Department traditionally provides loans at 0% interest for approximately 20 years for up to one‑half the allowable project costs. The Trust offers loans at about the market rate or less for the remaining allowable project costs, also for a 20‑year term. Between these two funding sources, the rate on the loans is essentially half the market rate. Approximately $100 million‑$200 million is available per year. In an effort to promote Smart Growth initiatives, the Financing Program will continue to offer the Smart Growth Financing Package through which 75% of the project costs are funded by DEP at 0% interest and 25% of the project costs are funded by the Environmental Infrastructure Trust at market rate to projects that serve Urban Centers/Complexes, combined sewer overflow abatement projects and open space land acquisition projects. In addition, three more project categories have been designated as eligible for the Smart Growth Financing Package. They are: (a) wastewater and/or stormwater infrastructure projects to serve Transit Villages, (b) site remediation projects in DEP-designated Brownfields Development Areas (BDAs) and (c) projects that involve the repair and/or replacement of individual septic systems through a Septic Management District. Other areas suitable for development may also be added to the Smart Growth Financing Package as time goes on.

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