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Historic Preservation Certified Local Government Grants

Purpose of Funding
The purposes of the CLG Programare: (1) to ensure the broadest possible participation of local governments in the national historic preservation program while maintaining standards consistent with the National Historic Preservation Act, and the Secretary of the Interior's "Standards and Guidelines for Archeology and Historic Preservation;" (2) to enrich, develop, and help maintain local historic preservation programs in cooperation and coordination with the SHPO; and (3) to provide financial and technical assistance to further these purposes.

Source of Funding
US Department of Interior-National Park Service (NPS)

Statutory Citation
National Historic Preservation Act, P.L. 89-655, as amended

Who is Eligible
To qualify for a CLG grant, a municipality must meet three criteria: 

  1. CLG Status: The municipality must have applied for and received Certified Local Government status from the National Park Service, Department of the Interior. Only municipal governments that have been certified by the grant application deadline are eligible to compete for funds. The requirements and process for certification are outlined in New Jersey’s Certified Local Government Guidelines which is available on-line at
  2. Annual Report Submission: The participating municipality must be current in their submission of Annual Reports. This means that the annual report for the preceding calendar year has been submitted in accordance with Appendix C of New Jersey’s Certified Local Government Guidelines. Annual reports must be submitted by March 31st for the preceding calendar year. However, if a community has an unfulfilled reporting requirement, the report may be filed as an attachment to the application. This requirement does not apply to communities that attained certification within the past calendar year.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: The municipality must agree to comply with all applicable state and federal regulations.

Qualifications Required for Consideration
The Historic Preservation Office uses a competitive selection process and awards grants to projects that best meet the evaluation criteria and funding priorities described in the application packet.

Grant Limitations
The maximum individual grant award will be $24,999 and the minimum award is $9,000.  All grants are awarded contingent upon the availability of federal funds.

Application Procedures
Each year notification of availability is mailed to the mayors and copied to the historic preservation commission chairs.  Applications are available online or upon request.

Review Process

  1. Applications reviewed by staff for completeness
  2. Applications reviewed by panels of peers
  3. Recommendations for funding made to Asst Commissioner, who is signatory to award letters

For More Information, Contact;
Jonathan Kinney
Senior Historic Preservation Specialist
Certified Local Government Coordinator
New Jersey Historic Preservation Office
Phone: (609) 984-0141     Fax: (609) 984-0578


Application Deadline

As stated in application.

Notification Date

As stated in application.

Total to be Distributed

Amount varies annually.

broad street bank

Certified Local Government
(CLG) Program
Participation in the CLG program requires that a municipality have a historic preservation ordinance and a historic preservation commission conforming to the specifications of both the Municipal Land Use Law and the National Park Service approved New Jersey Certified Local Government Guidelines.  As a CLG, the community is eligible to apply for Historic Preservation Fund (HPF) grants for a variety of local preservation activities.

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