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Expert Team

The Division of Water Monitoring and Standards (DWMS) and the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium (NJSGC) has recruited a team of lakes management and cyanobacterial HAB experts to address the second component of the Governor’s HAB initiative focusing on enhancing scientific expertise and building the state’s capacity for HAB response. The HAB Expert Team’s primary objective is to provide guidance to DEP on HAB prevention, mitigation and management for NJ lakes and other waterbodies. The team will complete a comprehensive literature review on the prevention and treatment of HABs, review HAB and water quality data, and develop guidance documents for lake management in New Jersey. Guidance documents will include best management practices (BMPs) for the prevention and management of HABs to be used by NJ lake managers.

The team will also provide technical advice and reviews on proposed mitigation technologies for NJ lakes and review the progress of DEP-funded HAB mitigation grant projects. Additionally, the team will develop a HAB lake management training program for DEP staff and interested stakeholders and conduct a minimum of three one-day training workshops at various locations in the state.

Team Members:
Jason Adolf, Monmouth University
Chris Doyle, Naiad Consultants
Nicole Fahrenfeld, Rutgers University
Jennifer Graham, USGS
Bob Kortman, Ecosystem Consulting Service
Fred Lubnow, Princeton Hydro
Ling Ren, George Mason University
Nathan Ruhl, Rowan University
Steve Souza, Clean Waters Consulting
Meiyin Wu, Montclair State University