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Nomination Standards

Awards Ceremony Application

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Awards Ceremony

Morristown National Historical Park
Morristown, NJ
May 12, 2016

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Awards Ceremonies

Awards will be made to those individuals, projects or programs that are judged to demonstrate exceptional merit in the field of historic preservation. All individual accomplishments, projects and programs are limited to activities involving New Jersey historic resources eligible for listing in the New Jersey and/or National Registers of Historic Places. In addition, projects and programs will be reviewed for compliance with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.

      Eligible Categories Include:

  • A.  Individuals, Organizations and Agencies: Volunteers, professionals and/or agencies who
          have made significant contributions throughout their lifetime to the advancement of historic
          preservation and /or the preservation of historic resources in New Jersey.

  • B.  Projects: Restoration, rehabilitation, or adaptive use of historic buildings, structures, sites,
          cultural landscapes, or maritime properties, especially projects that incorporate sustainability
          and green design, and/or urban revitalization through historic preservation.

  • C.  Preservation Documents:
                      •   National Register nomination.
                      •   Innovative historic preservation planning documents, including architectural
                          design guidelines, master plan elements and local ordinances.
                      •   Historic Structure Report or Preservation Plan.
                      •   Innovative survey which contributes to regional
                          or statewide knowledge of historic resources and/or context.
                      •   Publications which contribute to a regional or statewide knowledge of historic
                          resources and/or context

  • D.  Innovations:
                      •   Pioneering or inventive efforts in sustainability, historic preservation education or
                          interpretive programs.
                      •   Pioneering or inventive efforts in planning to preserve communities
                          buildings, complexes, archaeological sites or other types of historic resources.
                      •   Stewardship

Nomination Packages

All applications shall include a completed form and narrative with supporting documentation. The application materials may be digitally submitted as a PDF, or as an 8.5” x 11” booklet format accompanied by a CD-ROM. All architectural drawings or renderings must be reduced to 8.5” x 11” or 8.5” x 14”, clearly labeled, and folded to booklet size. If a nominated activity resulted in a planning document, publication or scholarly report, one (1) original must be submitted within the application. Letters of support for the nomination are desirable and should be included at the end of the package..

All materials will become the property of the Historic Preservation Office (HPO) and will not be returned. Materials may be used (without compensation) by the HPO in promoting the Awards Program or historic preservation in general. (PDF applications also require images on CD-ROM) 



NJ Historic Preservation Awards
Mail Code 501-04B
NJ Department of Environmental Protection
Historic Preservation Office
P.O. Box 420
Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0420

Please contact the HPO directly to make arrangements for hand carried applications

Submission Deadline: April 3, 2017 by 4 PM

Narrative Requirement

All applicants must provide a written narrative [one (1) page minimum] explaining why the individual, project, or program deserves recognition. The narrative must substantiate the exceptional quality and success of the candidate’s project in terms of historic preservation. The narrative must clearly identify all impacts, goals, objectives, and benefits (cost savings, innovations, energy savings, community/economic development, historic/scientific research, planning innovations, etc.) produced by the nominated activity. All applicants must provide the total project cost, length of time required to complete the project, and a list of the members of the project team. Please limit the number of team members to five (5) persons.

Visual Aids

All applications must be accompanied by no more than twenty-five (25) photographs and digital images burned onto a CD-ROM. These images will become part of the awards display, power point presentation, and subsequent announcements. All visuals must be labeled, identified, and cross referenced in the application narrative. The HPO must receive images in the formats described below.

Photo Requirements: All applicants must provide photographs (a minimum of five {5} and a maximum of twenty-five {25}). All photographs must be 5” x 7” or larger, mounted on 8.5” x 11” pages inserted into the application package. The photographs must depict nominated individuals, programs and/or work. Before and after views are encouraged.

Digital Image Requirements: The HPO must receive a CD-ROM containing all of the digital images (five or more) at a minimum of 2100 x 1400 pixels (approximately 2.8 mega-pixels) in size in TIFF format.



The Historic Preservation Awards Jury will review all award applications and select the award winners. The Awards Jury will consist of:

  • One member of the Historic Preservation Office
  • One member of the Historic Sites Council
  • One invited juror who is professionally active in historic preservation

Award winners and their nominators will be notified by the Historic Preservation Office. Please contact the office for questions about the awards program.


Forms and Publications:

1.     2017 Awards Application Form (PDF Format)

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