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Nomination Standards

2020 Historic Preservation Awards Application

Previous Awards Recipients:
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The NJ Historic Preservation Awards are presented to nominees demonstrating exceptional merit in the field of historic preservation. All projects and programs must involve New Jersey historic resources eligible for listing, or already listed, in the NJ and/or National Register of Historic Places, and must meet or exceed the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.

Eligible Categories

Entries for outstanding contributions or exceptional merit in Historic Preservation in New Jersey will be considered by the Historic Preservation Office and the Historic Sites Council in one of three categories:

A. Preservation Documents:

  • National Register nomination.
  • Innovative Survey which contributes to regional or statewide knowledge of historic resources and/or historic context.
  • Innovative Preservation Planning documents including architectural design guidelines, master plans, and local ordinances.
  • Publications contributing to regional or statewide knowledge of historic resources and/or context.
  • Historic Structure Report or Preservation Plan

B. Projects:

  • Restoration, rehabilitation or adaptive reuse of historic buildings, structures, sites, cultural landscapes or maritime properties - especially projects that incorporate sustainability, green design and/or urban revitalization - through historic preservation

C. Innovation:

  • Pioneering or inventive efforts in sustainability, historic preservation education, or interpretive programs.
  • Pioneering or inventive efforts in planning to preserve communities, buildings, complexes, archaeological sites or other types of historic resources.
  • Stewardship

Nomination Packages

Applications must include all of the following components:

  • Fully completed nomination form
  • Narrative (see details below)
  • All supporting documentation
  • Digital TIFF Photographs (5 minimum - 25 maximum) on CD or flash drive
  • Images must depict the nominated project. Before & after views are encouraged.
  • Letters of Support are desirable and should be included at the end of the application.

Application Format:

  • Digital Submissions are encouraged.
  • Paper Books will be accepted, with the following stipulations:
    • Photos should be submitted on a compact disc (CD) in the required format.
    • Paper photos should be 5" x 7" or larger.
    • All architectural renderings must be letter or legal sized, clearly labeled and folded to letter size.
    • If a nominated activity resulted in a planning document, publication or scholarly report, one (1) original copy must accompany the application.


The written narrative must explain why the nominee deserves recognition; substantiate the exceptional quality & success of the project to historic preservation; and clearly identify all impacts, goals, objectives & benefits produced by the nominated activity. All applications must include the total project cost, length of time required to complete, and a list of the project team members (max. 5 people). Benefits may include: cost savings, innovations, energy savings, community/economic development, historic/scientific research, planning innovations, etc.

Digital Photographs Format:

  • Applications must include 5 (minimum) to 25 (maximum) digital photographs burned onto a compact disc (CD).
  • The images must be in TIFF format ONLY.
  • Image size must be, at minimum, 2400 x 3000 pixels (approximately 6 mega-pixels).

Property of Historic Preservation Office

  • All images will be used in evaluating the application, as well as marketing the Awards event.
  • All images must be labeled, identified and cross-referenced in the Application.
  • All materials become property of the NJ Historic Preservation Office (HPO), and will not be returned.
  • Materials may be used (without compensation) by the HPO in promoting the Awards event, and in the future.


Upon receipt at the Historic Preservation Office staff will review applications in order to ensure that they are complete and that they meet one of the eligible categories. Applications will also be reconciled with Preservation New Jersey to ensure that consideration is given for the appropriate category.

An evaluator's panel will be convened. It will be comprised on no less than four evaluators representing: (1) The New Jersey Historic Sites Council; (2) The New Jersey State Review Board; (3) A practicing professional; and (4) HPO staff.

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