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GENERAL PERMIT 25 – Construction of One to Three Wind Turbines Less than 200’ in Height and Having a Cumulative Rotor Swept Area no Greater than 4,000 sq. ft.

General Permit 25 authorizes construction of one to three wind turbines less than 200’ in height, measured from the ground surface to the tip of the blade at its highest position, and having a cumulative rotor swept area no greater than 4,000 sq. ft., provided:
  • No portion of the wind turbine(s), including blades, tower and site disturbance, is located in, on or over dunes, beaches, wetlands, coastal bluffs, or wild and scenic river corridors;
  • No wind turbine tower(s) or site disturbance is located in floodways;
  • The wind turbine(s), including blades, tower and site disturbance, is set back a minimum of
  • 50’ landward of the mean high water line and the inland limit of any beach or dune and from the boundary of any wetlands; and
  • The wind turbine(s) complies with Endangered or threatened wildlife or plant species habitats, and Critical wildlife habitats.

Please be advised:

  • The General Permit 25 does not authorize more than 3 wind turbines on a site.
  • If the wind turbine is more than 120’ tall, the tower must be a free standing monopole.
  • Lighting required by the Federal Aviation Administration is allowed on the wind turbine, as is ground level security lighting.  No other lighting is allowed.
  • Post-construction monitoring may be required in certain cases.
  • Timing restrictions and limitations on operation of the wind turbines may apply.  

Full details are provided at N.J.A.C.7:7-6.25

If your project does not meet the requirements of the General Permit 25, it may qualify for another General Permit, Permit-by-rule, or an Individual Permit.  Additional information on these permit types can be found on the Coastal Permitting page.

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