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State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

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NOTE: All webpages and forms listed on this website are being amended in accordance with the December 18, 2017 rule changes. We will be updating these pages as soon as possible. While these updates are in progress, our web pages may contain inaccuracies. Please refer to the appropriate rule for the most accurate and updated regulations for your activity of concern.

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Forms, Checklists and Other Documents

  • General
  • Freshwater
  • Streams/Rivers
    & Flood Hazard
  • Coastal
  • Tidelands
  • Mitigation
  • Highlands
  • Model Deed

Forms for all Land Use Programs

Description Updated File
Application Form: For all applications, place the form under the cover letter with the check clipped. Do not bind inside reports. 01/31/19 lur_021
List of fees for the various types of applications. 09/13/2017 lur_022
Administrative Appeals Hearing Request
"Adjudicatory Hearing Request Checklist and Tracking Form"
10/19/2016 lur_024
Request for an Application Fee Refund 6/11/2014 lur_030
Pre-Application Request Requirements 1/30/2014 lur_032

Freshwater Wetlands

Checklists and Fee Tables: Description Updated File Name Format

General Permit 1

7/18/2018 fw_020

General Permit 2

7/18/2018 fw_021

General Permit 3

7/18/2018 fw_022

General Permit 4

7/18/2018 fw_023

General Permit 5

7/18/2018 fw_024

General Permit 6

7/18/2018 fw_025

General Permit 6A

7/18/2018 fw_026

General Permit 7

7/18/2018 fw_027

General Permit 8

7/18/2018 fw_028

General Permit 9

7/18/2018 fw_029

General Permit 10A

7/18/2018 fw_030

General Permit 10B

7/18/2018 fw_031

General Permit 11

7/18/2018 fw_032

General Permit 12

7/18/2018 fw_033

General Permit 13

7/18/2018 fw_034

General Permit 14

7/18/2018 fw_035

General Permit 15

7/18/2018 fw_036

General Permit 16

7/18/2018 fw_037

General Permit 17

7/18/2018 fw_038

General Permit 17A

7/18/2018 fw_039

General Permit 18

7/18/2018 fw_040

General Permit 19

7/18/2018 fw_041

General Permit 20

7/18/2018 fw_042

General Permit 21

7/18/2018 fw_043

General Permit 22

7/18/2018 fw_044

General Permit 23

7/18/2018 fw_045

General Permit 24

7/18/2018 fw_046

General Permit 25

7/18/2018 fw_047

General Permit 26

7/18/2018 fw_048

General Permit 27

7/18/2018 fw_053

Transition Area Waiver Averaging Plan

1/24/2019 fw_049

Letter of Interpretation - Presence/Absence

7/18/2018 fw_050

Letter of Interpretation - Delineation

7/18/2018 fw_051

Letter of Interpretation - Verification

1/15/2019 fw_052

Electronic Submittal: Letter of Interpretation

7/18/2018 fw_003_e

Electronic Submittal: Letter of Interpretation - Owner Certification

1/19/2018 fw_018_e

Letter of Interpretation - Extension

7/18/2018 fw_004

Individual Freshwater Wetlands Permit/Individual Open Water Fill Permit

7/18/2018 fw_005

Extension of a General Permit

5/17/2018 fw_055

Administrative Modification

5/17/2018 fw_054

Major Technical Modification

7/18/2018 fw_056

Minor Technical Modification

5/17/2018 fw_057

Transition Area Waiver - Special Acitivity Waiver

1/24/2019 fw_058
Transition Area Waiver - Exemption 5/20/2011 fw_007
Attachment A has been incorporated into the permit checklists above. DELETED fw_008
Attachment B has been incorporated into the permit checklists above. DELETED fw_009
Attachment C - Known Locations of Swamp Pink in NJ 5/2011 fw_010
Attachment D - Known Locations of Bog Turtles in NJ 5/2011 fw_011
Attachment E - Hardship Transition Area Waiver 7/18/2018 fw_012
Attachment F- Organizations to be contacted for the sale of property 02/16/2018 fw_013
Other Documents: Description Updated File Name Format
Vernal Habitat Protocol 5/12/02 fw_014
Vernal Habitat Data Sheet 11/14/01 fw_015

Streams/Rivers & Flood Hazard

Checklist: Description Updated File Name Format
Applicability Determination 06/20/16 fh_001
General Permit #1 06/20/16 fh_003
General Permit #2 06/28/18 fh_013
General Permit #3 06/28/18 fh_014
General Permit #4 06/28/18 fh_015
General Permit #5 06/28/18 fh_016
General Permit #6 06/28/18 fh_017
General Permit #7 06/28/18 fh_018
General Permit #8 06/28/18 fh_019
General Permit #9 06/28/18 fh_020
General Permit #10 06/28/18 fh_021
General Permit #11 06/28/18 fh_022
General Permit #12 06/28/18 fh_023
General Permit #13 06/28/18 fh_024
General Permit #14 06/28/18 fh_045
Major Technical Modification 06/28/18 fh_028
Minor Technical Modification 06/20/16 fh_027
Administrative Modification 06/20/16 fh_025
Extension 05/17/18 fh_026
Verification 06/28/18 fh_002
Individual Permit 01/07/19 fh_006
Flood Hazard Area Control Act - Technical Manual 1/12/2018 fh_044
Document: Description Updated File Name Format
Stream Cleaning Guidelines 7/12/2017 fh_012
List Of Threatened and Endangered Species that are Critically Dependent on Regulated Waters for Survival 5/15/08 fh_009
Construction Report 3/24/15 fh_010


Checklists for the Flood Hazard General Permits-by-Certification

Coastal Permitting

Checklist: Description Updated File Name Format
Waterfront Development and/or Coastal Wetlands Individual Permit (WFD IP) 06/2018 cp_001 Word
Written Determination of Exemption from the Waterfront Development Law 05/2018 cp_002 Word
CAFRA Exemption 05/2018 cp_003 Word
Jurisdictional Request Form for Waterfront Development, CAFRA & Wetlands Act of 1970 03/05/19 cp_006 Word
Administrative Modification of an Existing General Permit Authorization or Individual Permit 05/2018 cp_034 Word
Major Technical Modification 06/2018 cp_039 Word
Minor Technical Modification 05/2018 cp_040 Word
CAFRA Individual Permit Application 06/2018 cp_011 Word
Extension of a General Permit or Individual Permit Authorization 05/2018 cp_033 Word
Reconsideration of the Application of the Coastal Zone Management Rules 06/2018 cp_012 Word
Amusement pier expansion 06/2018 cp_gp01 PDF
Beach and dune maintenance activities 06/2018 cp_gp02 PDF
Voluntary reconstruction of certain residential or commercial development 06/2018 cp_gp03 PDF
Development of one or two single-family homes or duplexes 06/2018 cp_gp04 PDF
Expansion or reconstruction (with or without expansion) of a single-family home or duplex 06/2018 cp_gp05 PDF
Construction of a bulkhead and placement of associated fill on a man-made lagoon 05/2018 cp_gp06 PDF
Construction of a revetment at a single-family home or duplex lot
06/2018 cp_gp07 PDF
Construction of gabions at a single-family or duplex lot 06/2018 cp_gp08 PDF
Construction of support facilities at legally existing and operating marinas 06/2018 cp_gp09 PDF
Reconstruction of a legally existing functioning bulkhead 06/2018 cp_gp10 PDF
Investigation, cleanup, removal or remediation of hazardous substances 06/2018 cp_gp11 PDF
Landfall of utilities 06/2018 cp_gp12 PDF
Construction of recreational facilities at public parks 06/2018 cp_gp13 PDF
Bulkhead construction and placement of associated fill at a single-family home or duplex lot 06/2018 cp_gp14 PDF
Construction of piers, docks, jet ski ramps, pilings and boatlifts in man-made lagoons 06/2018 cp_gp15 PDF
Minor maintenance dredging in man-made lagoons 06/2018 cp_gp16 PDF
Stabilization of eroded shorelines 06/2018 cp_gp17 PDF
Avian nesting structures 06/2018 cp_gp18 PDF
Modification of existing electrical substations 06/2018 cp_gp19 PDF
Legalization of the filling of tidelands 06/2018 cp_gp20 PDF
Construction of telecommunication towers 06/2018 cp_gp21 PDF
Construction of certain structures related to the tourism industry at hotels and motels, commercial developments and multi-family residential developments over 75 units 06/2018 cp_gp22 PDF
Geotechnical survey borings 06/2018 cp_gp23 PDF
Habitat creation, restoration, enhancement and living shoreline activities 06/2018 cp_gp24 PDF
Construction of one to three wind turbines less than 200 feet in height and having a cumulative rotor swept area no greater than 4,000 square feet 06/2018 cp_gp25 PDF
Construction of wind turbines less than 250 feet in height and having a cumulative rotor swept area no greater than 20,000 square feet 06/2018 cp_gp26 PDF
Dredging of sand from a man-made lagoon deposited as a result of a storm event for which the Governor declared a State of Emergency 06/2018 cp_gp27 PDF
Dredging of material from a waterway at a residential or commercial development deposited as a result of the failure of a bulkhead as a consequence of a storm event for which the Governor declared a State of Emergency 06/2018 cp_gp28 PDF
Dredging and management of material from a marina deposited as a result of a storm event for which the Governor declared a state of Emergency 06/2018 cp_gp29 PDF
Commercial shellfish aquaculture activities 06/2018 cp_gp30 PDF
Placement of shell within shellfish lease areas 06/2018 cp_gp31 PDF
Application of pesticide within coastal wetlands to control invasive plant species 06/2018 cp_gp32 PDF
Sediment Sampling and Analysis Plan (SSAP) for proposed dredging projects 06/06/18 cp_035 Word
Document: Description Updated File Name Format
CAFRA: A Guide for Single Family & Duplex Homeowners Unavailable cp_007
Permit by Rule: A Guide for Single Family/Duplex Homeowners &amp Construction Code Officials (This document is unavailable at the moment and will return after it has been updated.) Unavailable cp_008

Tidelands Program

Applications and Forms Updated File Name Format
License Application Form 6/27/2018 TD_020
License Renewal Application Form 3/19/2013 TD_013
Grant Application Form 3/19/2013 TD_018
Statement of No Interest Form (SNI) Application 3/19/2013 TD_021
Lease Application Form 3/19/2013 TD_019
License Assignment Form 5/18/2018 TD_017
Organization Data Form 3/19/2013 TD_014
Affidavit of Title 3/19/2013 TD_015
Signature Addendum Page 3/19/2013 TD_016
Application Forms with Instruction & Guidance Updated File Name Format
License Application Package 11/16/2018 TD_028
Grant Application Package 11/16/2018 TD_026
Statement of No Internest (SNI) Application Package 11/16/2018 TD_029
Lease Application Package 11/16/2018 TD_027
Tideland Resource Council (TRC) Resolutions/Policies Updated File Name
Homes over Water Conveyances (Adopted 12/1/10) 2/17/2011 TD_007
Upland Property Valuation - - Commercial/Industrial and Residential Upland Licenses (Adopted 12/1/10) 2/17/2011 TD_002
Boat Club Resolution (Adopted 11/03/10) 2/17/2011 TD_001
Bridge Policy (Adopted 11/3/10) 2/17/2011 TD_004
Condominium Policy (Adopted 11/3/10) 2/17/2011 TD_003
Grant Re-consideration Policy (Adopted 11/03/10) 2/17/2011 TD_006
Residential Licenses - Water Stuctures only (Adopted 11/03/10) 2/17/2011 TD_011
Utility or Utility Related Projects (Adopted 10/06/10) 2/17/2011 TD_012
Special Council Resolutions Adopted (Adopted 6/2/10)
- Good Faith Discount
- Council License Approval
- Elimination of One Way Fee Adjustement for Licenses/Leases
2/17/2011 TD_008
Aquaculture License Fee Policy (Adopted 9/6/17) 9/06/2017 TD_009
Resolution: Marina Policy (Adopted 3/3/10) 2/17/2011 TD_010
Resolution: Revised Outfall Policy (Adopted 4/4/13) 4/4/2013 TD_030

Checklists & Documents for Proposed Mitigation

Checklist for Completion: Description Updated File Name Format
Creation, Restoration or Enhancement for a Freshwater Wetland Mitigation Proposal 01/31/18 mit_001
Monetary Contribution 01/31/18 mit_002
Wetland Mitigation Monitoring Project 01/31/18 mit_003
Coastal Wetland Mitigation Monitoring 01/31/18 mit_004
Creation, Restoration or Enhancement for a Coastal Wetland Mitigation Proposal 01/31/18 mit_005
Upland Preservation Proposal 01/31/18 mit_006
Wetland Mitigation Bank Proposal 01/31/18 mit_007
Conceptual Wetland Mitigation Bank Proposal 01/31/18 mit_008
Land Donation Proposal 01/31/18 mit_009
Monetary Contribution Proposal 01/31/18 mit_010
Riparian Zone Mitigation Checklist 03/19/18 mit_041
Document: Description Updated File Name Format
Regionalized Water-Budget Manual for Compensatory Wetland Mitigation Sites in New Jersey 07/22/08 mit_011
USACE/NJDEP Joint Conservation Restriction - Routine 08/24/18 mit_012
USACE/NJDEP Joint Conservation Restriction - Non-Routine/Mitigation Banks 08/24/18 mit_013
USACE/NJDEP Joint Conservation Restriction - Wetlands Mitigation/Riparian Zone Mitigation 08/24/18 mit_049
Mitigation Checklist for Construction Completion 01/31/18 mit_014
Completion of Construction Form 09/07/18 mit_052
Coastal Wetland Mitigation Restriction 09/07/18 mit_051
Wetlands Mitigation Area Model Deed/Conservation Restriction 09/07/18 mit_048
Approved Mitigation Banks 03/02/15 mit_016

Documents for a Highlands Application

Checklists, Fee Tables, and Forms Updated File Name Format
HAD - Highlands Applicability Determination Application 11/2017 HC_001 PDF
Highlands Jurisdictional Determination 7/2014 HC_002 PDF
HAD - Highlands Applicability Determination Checklist 11/2017 HC_003 PDF
Highlands Resource Area Determination (HRAD) Checklist 7/2014 HC_004 PDF
Highlands Pre-application Meeting Checklist 11/2016 HC_005 PDF
Highlands General Permit Checklist 2/2016 HC_006 PDF
Highlands Preservation Area Approval (HPAA) Application Checklist 2/2016 HC_007 PDF
Highlands Attachment A  Model Letter – Notice to Neighboring Landowners 7/2014 HC_008 PDF
Highlands Attachment B  Model Newspaper Advertisement 7/2014 HC_009 PDF
Notice of Highlands Applicability Determination 7/2014 HC_010 PDF
Highlands Preservation Area Approval Fee Schedule 9/2017 HC_011 PDF

Model Deed Restrictions

Conservation Restriction/Easement Description Updated


Dune Area & Adjacent Beach Area 01/01/2016 lur_010
Dune Area 07/29/2016 lur_011
Forest Preservation Area 01/01/2016 lur_012
Riparian Zone Compensation 08/24/18 lur_013
Public Access to the Waterfront 01/01/2016 lur_014
Shellfish Habitat (Bulkhead) 10/02/2018 lur_037
Shellfish Habitat (Docks) 10/02/2018 lur_038
Shore Protection Structure Area 11/28/2018 lur_016
Shore Protection Structure Reconstruction within 18" 12/14/2018 lur_039
Stormwater Management Strategies Protection Area 01/01/2016 lur_017
Special Water Resource Protection Area 01/01/2016 lur_018
Freshwater Wetlands Transition Area Waiver 01/19/2018 lur_035
Freshwater Wetlands Transition Area - Averaging Plan 01/19/2018 lur_036
Appurtenant to Highlands Preservation Area Approval 04/18/2013 lur_025
Wetlands Mitigation Area Model Deed/Conservation Restriction 09/07/2018 mit_048
Grant of Conservation Restriction - Intertidal/Subtidal Mitigation Site Area 06/06/2018 mit_050

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