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Submerged Aquatic Vegetation

The below detailed maps depict habitat of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (SAV) in New Jersey for areas documented by the Department as previously and currently supporting regulated SAV. For a complete review of a particular site, all maps within the time series for that area should be consulted. For example, a map from 1979 shows the area in question as a mapped habitat area for SAV, while a newer chart does not show mapped habitat, the area is still considered SAV habitat and subject to the SAV rules as such.

It should be noted that these maps do not include undocumented areas that may also support regulated species of SAV or SAV habitat. These areas, which are not depicted on these maps, are also regulated as SAV habitat by the Division of Land Use Regulation. Conclusive evidence concerning the presence/absence of SAV or SAV habitat requires site inspections and habitat assessments, preferably at several points in time during the SAV growing season.

Therefore, these SAV maps alone are not sufficient to determine the presence/absence of regulated SAV habitat. This is a compilation of data merely for informational purposes. The NJDEP does not warrant or guarantee the quality or completeness of the content on this website. State of New Jersey shall not be held liable for improper or incorrect use of the data described and/or contained herein. This disclaimer applies both to individual use of the data and aggregate use with other data.

Submerged Aquatic Vegetation - Description Updated File Name Format
Island Beach 1986 map_024 PDF
Lower Barnegat Bay 1986 map_025 PDF
Upper Barnegat Bay 1986 map_026 PDF
Little Egg Harber Bay 1987 map_027 PDF
Little Egg Harbor Bay 2001 map_028 PDF
Little Egg Harbor Bay 2011 map_056 PDF
Asbury Park 1979 map_029 JPG
Atlantic City 1979 map_030 JPG
Avalon 1979 map_031 JPG
Barnegat Light 1979 map_032 JPG
Beach Haven 1979 map_033 JPG
Brigantine Inlet 1979 map_034 JPG
Cape May 1979 map_035 JPG
Forked River 1979 map_036 JPG
Lakewood 1979 map_037 JPG
Long Beach NE 1979 map_038 JPG
Long Branch 1979 map_039 JPG
Marmora 1979 map_040 JPG
New Gretna 1979 map_041 JPG
Ocean City 1979 map_042 JPG
Oceanville 1979 map_043 JPG
Pleasantville 1979 map_044 JPG
Point Pleasant 1979 map_045 JPG
Sandy Hook 1979 map_046 JPG
Sea Isle City 1979 map_047 JPG
Seaside Park 1979 map_048 JPG
Ship Bottom 1979 map_049 JPG
Stone Harbor 1979 map_050 JPG
Toms River 1979 map_051 JPG
Tuckerton 1979 map_052 JPG
West Creek 1979 map_053 JPG
Wildwood 1979 map_054 JPG
Woodbine 1979 map_055 JPG
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