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State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
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The Office of Local Government Assistance (LGA)collage of municipality city halls

The office of Local Government Assistance is the direct line between the DEP and all municipal county, and local governments. In addition, the office provides information on grants and loans that help local communities accomplish their goals on redevelopment projects, and other environmental issues. The office provides mayors and other officials information on matters specific to their towns, and coordinates meetings between the towns and agency personal.

Your Direct Contact at DEP

  • Individual meetings with each town’s mayor and elected officials on specific issues concerning the municipality.
  • Office informs mayors of grant and loan opportunities, including Clean Communities, Recycling Tonnage Grant, Green Acres, Dam Safety, and others.

  • The office assists with the announcements of grant winners and notification to the recipients. 

  • The office maintains and updates, as necessary, the Grant and Loan Catalogue. The Grant and Loan Catalogue lists programs that are available through the Department, including project purpose, eligibility requirements, application distribution, deadlines, and appropriate contact information.
  • The office consolidates and distributes to municipalities DEP weekly news, outreach initiatives, podcasts, and media opportunities. 
  • The office represents the department at the League of Municipalities, Conference of Mayors, and the New Jersey Association of Counties. This includes exhibition at annual conferences, coordination of publications and, organization of seminars. 
  • Kerry Kirk Pflugh, Director: Provides assistance to mayors, counties, municipalities, and the Governor’s office. Works with outside agencies to address issues of environmental concern. Interacts directly mayors and municipal officials by visiting each town in the state and addressing their specific concerns.  
  • Allison McLeod, Program Manager: Coordinates internally to resolve municipal ties environmental concerns. Facilitates DEP participation in outside conferences.  Provides municipal officials outreach material on DEP efforts and initiatives. 

  • Olivia Haller, Research Assistant: Assists in design, maintenance and updates of all the pertinent databases within the office such as the municipal officials database (information on the mayor, clerk, administrator).

  • Nateshea Fenderson-Singh, Administrative Assistant: Manages schedules, meetings, and coordinates all of the administrative functions of the office.

Office of Local Government Assistance
Director Kerry Kirk Pflugh
401 East State Street
Mail Code 401-07F
P.O. BOX 402
Trenton, NJ 08625-0402
Office Phone Number: 609-633-7700
Fax: 609-633-1196

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