Mask Up, New Jersey!

Mask Up, New Jersey!

Welcome to the digital download center for New Jersey’s “Mask Up!” campaign. You and your community play an important role in reducing the spread of COVID-19 by encouraging everyone to wear a mask in outdoor public spaces.

Use this Dropbox link to download posters, signs and social media graphics that encourage your community to “Mask Up!”

Posters and Signage

“Mask Up!” posters and signs can encourage everyone in your community to protect themselves and others from COVID-19. The download folder includes five posters and signs that you can download, print and post:

  • Mask Up! poster for beach areas
  • Mask Up! poster for open spaces and parks
  • Mask Up! poster for trails and parks
  • Mask Up! “Risk of Transmission” sign
  • Mask Up! digital placard

Maskup posters and signage photo

Maskup posters and signage photo

Printing & Posting “Mask Up!” Posters and Signs

  1. Download.

    To download posters, click the Dropbox link and then choose “Mask Up!” Posters and Signs.

    Then select the file folder for the posters you’d like to download.

    “Mask Up!” posters are downloadable for printing in large format size (18-by-24-inch) and can also be scaled down for printing in standard 8½-by-11-inch size. Each poster is available in two versions: with logos for the DEP and State Park Service or without them.

  2. Print and protect.

    Once downloaded, print posters. For maximum impact, print posters in color in a large format, such as 11-by-17-inches or 18-by-24-inch size. Some office printers can accommodate larger sizes. Printing companies in your area can also print these files.

    If possible, weatherproof posters by laminating them, inserting them into plastic sleeves or posting them inside protected bulletin boards.

    The digital placard is designed to be printed on colored paper for higher impact.

  3. Post!

    Put your posters up in high-traffic areas for maximum impact. Suggested areas include:

    • Beach access points
    • Park entrances, trailheads and parking lots
    • Restrooms and other structures
    • Community kiosks and bulletin boards
    • Fences in parking lots and other community areas

“Mask Up!” Social Media

Social media is a good way to remind community members to bring face coverings with them when they head out to parks and beaches.

  1. Download

    “Mask Up!” posters are also available as social media-friendly JPEG graphics. You can download them from the same folder:

    Click on “Mask Up! Social Media Graphics” folder for JPEGS of the posters and signs, then select the graphics you’d like to use in your social media channels. We suggest downloading multiple graphics for use over time.

  2. Post!

    Once downloaded, you can post the social media graphics immediately and schedule additional posts for the future.

    And don’t forget to tag the DEP in your “Mask Up!” social media content and use “Mask Up!” hashtags. Tag us at @NewJerseyDEP on Twitter or Facebook.

    Recommended hashtags include: #MaskUp, #MaskUpNJ and #COVID19.

Maskup posters and signage photo