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December 2, 2010

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(10/P138) TRENTON - At the Department of Environmental Protection's request, DuPont has agreed to sample for additional contaminants in soil beneath homes in a neighborhood adjacent to its Pompton Lakes Works site, giving residents there an added level of information about environmental conditions at their properties, Commissioner Bob Martin said today.

The testing will allow for screening of 51 contaminants in addition to the 10 that are known to exist in a plume of groundwater beneath the neighborhood contaminated by operations at the former DuPont munitions plant.

"The DEP has no evidence that additional contaminants are present in the groundwater, but the additional testing will give residents peace of mind in knowing everything possible is being done to safeguard their health," said Commissioner Martin "Still, the most important step remains in the hands of property owners - and that is agreeing to let DuPont install vapor mitigation systems, free of charge, to protect the air inside their homes."

So far, about half of the properties in the plume area have had vapor mitigation systems installed, with additional properties to have them installed soon. The systems draw air trapped in soil beneath their homes that could be potentially contaminated, venting it safely away.

The contaminants to be tested in the new sub-slab testing protocol will be identical to a list of contaminants that are being screened in air inside the homes.

The DEP previously approved this list of 61 chemicals to help residents identify other potential sources of contaminants that could be in the home, such as dry-cleaning chemicals, painting products, cleaners, and solvents.

The expanded sub-slab testing protocol is available to anyone who has yet to have testing done.

DuPont will pay for installation of vapor mitigation systems for any property in the plume area.

In addition, residents who live in an expanded investigation area known as the buffer zone may elect to have DuPont, the DEP or an approved contractor conduct these sub-slab tests at DuPont's expense.

If contamination in this area is found to be related to the plume, DuPont will pay for installation of mitigation systems. If contamination unrelated to the plume is found, property owners may work with the DEP to have indoor air sampling conducted. If contaminants are found in the indoor air, the DEP will install a vapor mitigation system at no cost to the property owner.

Property owners may choose to have a private contractor perform the indoor air sampling and vapor mitigation system installation, if necessary. These property owners will have to file a Spill Fund claim through the New Jersey Environmental Claims Administration.

The DEP informed the Pompton Lakes Environmental Community Advisory Group of the availability of expanded testing during its meeting Wednesday night. Any questions regarding this process can be made to Mindy Mumford in the DEP's Office of Community Relations at (609) 777-1976 or via email at

To view the options available to residents for sampling in more detail go to:

For more information on the Spill Fund and Environmental Claims Administration, visit:



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