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1998 News Releases


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Date Subject (Linked to the Release)
Dec. 21, 1998 DEP Directs 9 Water Suppliers to Take Corrective Action Due to State Radiological Testing Results (98/162)

Dec. 4, 1998

DEP Issues First State of the Environment Report for the Public (98/153)

Nov. 9, 1998

DEP Proposes Simplified, 'Anti-Sprawl' Coastal Protection Rules (98/144)

Nov. 9, 1998

Clean Air Council Supports Incentives for I&M Program at Its 30th Anniversary Meeting (98/143)

Nov. 5, 1998

New Jersey Selected by EPA to Develop Model Program for Environmental Justice (98/141)

Sep. 9, 1998

DEP Improves Public Outreach, Pollution Controls in Light of New Health Standards (98/112)

Sep. 1, 1998

New Jersey Records Steep Drop in Smog; State Committed to Meeting Even Tougher Air Quality Goal (98/110)

July 21, 1998

NJ Firefighters Return Home from Florida Wildfires (98/98)

June 18, 1998

New Report Demonstrates National Clean Air Goals Are Attainable: Commissioner Shinn Outlines Clean Air Plan in Washington (98/78)

June 5, 1998

Environmental Officials from the Netherlands and New Jersey Agree to International Partnership (98/72)

May 28, 1998

EPA Approves NJ's Plan to Stop Boats from Discharging Sewage in the Manasquan River and the Shark River (EPA News Release EPA #98059)

May 26, 1998

Statement of DEP Commissioner Bob Shinn on the Ellis Island Decision (98/69)

Apr. 29, 1998

Officials Gather at Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Preserve to Announce Formation of New Center for Environmental Indicators (98/56)

Apr. 27, 1998

New Environmental Center, Green Acres Purchase to Be Announced (98/54)

Apr. 24, 1998

Commissioner Shinn Endorses Emissions Reduction Plan (98/52)

Apr. 23, 1998

Governor Whitman Urges President Clinton to Uphold EPA Clean Air Proposal (98/49)

Apr. 23, 1998

Commissioner Shinn Outlines Global Warming Initiative Focused on Sea Level Rise (98/46)

Mar. 17, 1998

Never Too Early to Prevent Forest Fires (98/25)

Mar. 17, 1998

Lifeguard Positions Available at State Parks (98/24)

Feb. 27, 1998

DEP Employee Named New Jersey Environmental Educator of the Year (98/18 )