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2002 News Releases


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Date Subject (Linked to the Release)
Dec. 31, 2002 New Jersey Six-day Firearm Harvest and Permit Bow Harvest (02/134)
Dec. 20, 2002 New Funding Plan Strengthens State's Open Space Program (02/133)
Dec. 19, 2002 DEP Commissioner Proposes Safeguards for Trout Production Streams: Greater Habitat Protection Sought for Federal Endangered Species (02/132)
Dec. 12, 2002 Governor McGreevey Signs Bill to Improve Public Health in Schools; Signs Bill Requiring the Implementation of Integrated Pest Management Policies (Copy of an NJ Governor's Office News Release)
Dec. 12, 2002 Oyster Creek Generating Station Fined for Water Violations and Fish Kill: DEP Seeks Compensation for Natural Resource Damages (02/131)
Dec. 9, 2002 State Leading in Commitment to Reduce Green House Gas Emissions; NJDEP Praises PEQ's New Pledge to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 7 Percent by 2010 (02/130)
Dec. 9, 2002 DEP Proposes Stormwater Controls to Protect and Sustain NJ's Limited Water Resources; New Rules Support and Encourage Smart Growth Practices (02/129)
Dec. 6, 2002 Apartment Complex Fined for Illegal Sewage Discharges: DEP Files Complaint in State Superior Court (02/128)
Nov. 27, 2002 NJDEP Awards 6 Local Community Liaison Grants Totalling $60,000; Language Not a Barrier in Blue Claw Crab Public Outreach Campaign (02/124)
Nov. 25, 2002 DEP's New Brownfield Policy Moves McGreevey's Smart Growth Plans Forward (02/127)
Nov. 20, 2002 DEP Honors Environmental Leaders and Innovators at Awards Ceremony (02/122)
Nov. 19, 2002 New Jersey Settles $3 Million Case for East Hanover Ground Water Contamination Site (02/120)
Nov. 15, 2002 DEP Fines Hazardous Waste Facility for Water Pollution Violations Impacting the Elizabeth River (02/119)
Nov. 14, 2002 DEP Signs $5.5 Million Agreement with the New Jersey Pinelands Commission: Assessing the Region's Water Supply Demands and Environmental Impacts (02/118)
Nov. 14, 2002 Recent Rain Helps to Improve Water Supply Shortage while Ongoing Drought Emergency Persists (02/117)
Nov. 7, 2002 NJDEP and EPA Join Efforts to Increase Public Access to Environmental Information (02/114)
Oct. 31, 2002 DEP Orders Closure of Shellfish Beds in Peck Bay Cape May County (02/113)
Oct. 31, 2002 DEP Issues 57 Environmental Violation Notices as Part of Multi-State Inspection of Waste Trucks: 503 Safety Violations Were Found Statewide (02/112)
Oct. 26, 2002 DEP Announces $1 Million Urban Airshed Reforestation Project from Conectiv Enforcement Settlement (02/111)
Oct. 24, 2002 New Jersey Environmental Commissioner Eases Drought Restrictions; Calls For Continued Water Conservation (02/110)
Oct. 21, 2002 NJ Delivers on Earth Day Commitment to Protect Water Resources; New Regulations to Protect Key Drinking Water Sources and Ecologically Important Waterways (Copy of an NJ Governor's Office News Release)
Oct. 17, 2002 NJ Department of Environmental Protection Presents Website in Spanish (02/106)
Oct. 17, 2002 State Parks and Forests Offer Residents a Chance to Cut Their Own Firewood (02/105)
Oct. 11, 2002 Governor's 11th Annual Surf Fishing Tournament a"Reel" Success (02/100)
Oct. 10, 2002 DEP Conducts Targeted Enforcement Strike in the City of Camden (02/99)
Oct. 9, 2002 Media Advisory: Press Conference in Camden 10/10/02 (02/98)
Oct. 8, 2002 State Park Service's Fall & Winter Calendar of Events Now Available (02/97)
Oct. 3, 2002

Tanker Becomes First Shipwreck on Deepwater Reef Site (A NJDEP Division of Fish & Wildlife news release)

Oct. 3, 2002 New Jersey Joins Other Atlantic Coast States in Petition against European Union Fishing Practices (02/96)
Oct. 2, 2002 DEP Commissioner Campbell Announces Off-Road Vehicle Policy; Reinforces Ban on Public Lands; Seeks Maximum Fines, Additional Sanctions for Illegal Use (02/95)
Sep. 30, 2002 State DEP Joins Readington Township to Preserve 438 Acres (02/92)
Sep. 30, 2002 DEP Takes Enforcement Action Against Golf Courses Violating Water Supply Act; Severe Drought Conditions Continue (02/91)
Sep. 27, 2002 NJ Fish and Wildlife Conservation Week September 29 to October 5 (02/90)
Sep. 26, 2002 Lending a Hand to America's Lands on National Public Lands Day; Wharton State Forest 1 Of 500 Nationally Targeted for Special Effort on Sept. 28 (02/89)
Sep. 26, 2002 Absecon Inlet Oil Spill Prevention Plan Tested, Five-Year Piping Plover and Shorebird Protection Effort Announced (02/88)
Sep. 25, 2002 DEP Releases New Internet Mapping Tool to Enhance Public Access to Information (02/86)
Sep. 23, 2002 DEP Accelerates Plan to Curtail Flow of Pollution into New Jersey’s Waterways (02/84)
Sep. 11, 2002 NJDEP Reaches Settlement Agreement with Recycling Facility over Air/Solid Waste Violations (02/83)
Sep. 10, 2002 NJDEP's Annual Fall Beach Cleanup Scheduled (02/82)
Sep. 10, 2002 Private Well Testing Act Requirements Protect Public Health,Expand Public Right to Know About Water Quality (02/81)
Sep. 5, 2002 DEP Attains Settlement Over Sewage Discharge Violations Affecting Passaic River; City of Summit to Upgrade Pump Station and Protect Water Resources (02/79)
Aug. 27, 2002 DEP Statement Concerning Incorrect Information About Tree Planting Memorial at Liberty State Park (02/77)
Aug. 26, 2002 DEP Calls for Immediate Closing of Chemical Company in Newark (02/75)
Aug. 20, 2002 Municipal Water Department Fails to Test Public Drinking Water for Lead and Copper; DEP Files Complaint in State Superior Court (02/74)
Aug. 20, 2002 DEP Commissioner Tightens Outdoor Water Use Statewide; Extremely Dry Conditions Persist (02/73)
Aug. 20, 2002 DEP Reaches Settlement with Kearfott for Wastewater Monitoring Violations at Two Facilities (02/72)
Aug. 15, 2002 Media Advisory on Effluent Reuse (02/69)
Aug. 14, 2002 DEP Holds Public Meeting; Releases Camden Water Testing Results (02/68)
Aug. 8, 2002 Dry Conditions Exacerbate Drought Emergency (02/67)
Aug. 8, 2002 Delaware Bay Reopens for Shellfish Harvest (02/66)
Aug. 7, 2002 DOH Commissioner Lacy Emphasizes Precaution and Prevention in Decreasing Risk of West Nile Virus (From the NJ Department of Health & Senior Services)
Aug. 7, 2002 DEP Reaches Settlement Agreement with Pfizer for Wastewater Monitoring Violations (02/65)
Aug. 2, 2002 DEP Suspends Lake Lowering Activities on Lake Hopatcong; Drought Emergency Persists (02/64)
Aug. 1, 2002 DEP Enforces Pesticide Safety Regulations for Farm Workers (02/63)
July 31, 2002 DEP Commissioner Highlights $13.6 Million Committed to Park Improvements (02/62)
July 30, 2002 NJ DEP Attains Settlement Over Water Pollution Violations Affecting Paulinskill River (02/61)
July 29, 2002 McGreevey, Torricelli, Corzine Reaffirm Commitment to Fight Federal Environmental Rollbacks (From the NJ Governor's Office)
July 29, 2002 Portions of Delaware Bay Closed for Shellfish Harvest (02/59)
July 25, 2002 DEP Issues Air Pollution Violation to Johanna Foods (02/57)
July 23, 2002 Public Urged to Limit Meals of Certain Freshwater Fish Due to Mercury Contamination (02/56)
July 22, 2002 Statewide Drought Emergency Continues-Water Conservation is a Must (02/55)
July 19, 2002 DEP Enforces Ban of Off-Road Vehicle Use on Public Lands (02/54)
July 17, 2002 DEP Opens Reservoirs to Night Fishing (02/53)
July 12, 2002 Restoration Slated for Rockingham Historic Site (02/52)
July 10, 2002 DEP Awards Nine Counties a Total of $2.4 Million to Cleanup Scrap Tire Piles; Part of Statewide Effort to Control West Nile Virus (02/51)
July 9, 2002 Governor McGreevey Opposes EPA Plan to Roll Back Environmental Protections in New Jersey (From the NJ Governor's Office)
July 2, 2002 Commissioner Campbell Celebrates New Jersey Beaches; Promotes Public's Right-To-Know and Beach Access (02/50)
July 1, 2002 Paterson to Upgrade Sewer System to Protect Water Resources (02/48)
June 27, 2002 DEP Awards Grants to County Health Agencies for Local Environmental Protection and Enforcement (02/47)
June 20, 2002 DEP Enforces Water Use Regulations at Golf Course (02/45)
June 20, 2002 DEP Eases Water Use Restrictions Statewide; Cautions Drought Emergency Still Exists (02/44)
June 3, 2002 Well Testing Regulations Proposed; Two Public Hearings Scheduled (02/37)
May 30, 2002 DEP Commissioner Campbell Solicits Input from the Southwest and Northwest Drought Regions (02/39)
May 24, 2002 DEP Commissioner Warns Urban Anglers About Health Risks of Eating Contaminated Crabs (02/38)
May 15, 2002 DEP and Ramapo College Settle on Plan to Protect Environment and Expand College Facilities (02/37)
May 8, 2002 DEP and Conectiv Agree on Plan to Reduce Air Pollution in South Jersey; Conectiv Commits to Compliance Schedule and Community Benefit Project (02/35 )
May 8, 2002 DEP Commissioner Bradley M. Campbell Hosts Second Regional Drought Workshop (02/34)
May 6, 2002 DEP Earns National Recognition; Award Presented on Capitol Hill (02/33)
Apr. 30, 2002 DEP Commissioner Bradley M. Campbell Outlines Details For Limited Lawn Watering (02/31)
Apr. 17, 2002 Forecast: Unhealthy Levels of Ozone for Central NJ; Unhealthy Levels of Fine Particles for Parts of the Northeast (02/26)
Apr. 16, 2002 Be a Lifeguard in the Parks; Free Training & Certification (02/26)
Apr. 16, 2002 Foot Tapping, Frog Hopping; Earth Day 2002 Family Festival at Liberty State Park (02/25)
Apr. 15, 2002 DEP Sponsors Workshop for Small Business; Practical Information Offered on Bottom Line Efficiency
Apr. 11, 2002 Study Shows New Jersey's Freshwater Wetlands Mitigation Program Missed Opportunity for Net Increase in Acreage; DEP Commissioner Campbell Makes Changes to Improve the Program (02/21)
Apr. 9, 2002 DEP Commissioner Bradley Campbell Issues Drought Order Amendment (02/20)
Mar. 25, 2002 State Awards Grants to Local Environmental Agencies; Funds to Implement Grassroots Projects (02/16)
Mar. 18, 2002 DEP Urges Public To Be Fire Wise; Drought Emergency Increases Need for Extra Precautions (02/15)
Mar. 15, 2002 DEP Commissioner Bradley M. Campbell Orders Water Interconnection Inspections; Water Restrictions Amended To Ensure Adequate Supply (02/14)
Mar. 11, 2002 DEP Commissioner Bradley M. Campbell Orders Mandatory Water-Use Restrictions (02/13)
Jan. 24, 2002 NJDEP Expands Drought Warning to Northeast and Northern Coast (02/10)
Jan. 24, 2002 Consent Decree with PSEG Fossil Inc. to Achieve Significant Clean Air Benefits (02/9)
Jan. 14, 2002 DEP Extends Deadline of Watershed Awards Program Until Feb. 1 (02/8)
Jan. 10, 2002 Drought Continues, Water Conservation Urged; Precipitation over the Next Few Weeks Key (02/7)
Jan. 10, 2002 Central New Jersey Survey Finds High Support for Water Quality Improvements (02/5)
Jan. 7, 2002 DEP Signs Agreement with Plainfield and Union County to Increase Open Space (02/4)
Jan. 7, 2002 Frelinghuysen, USEPA, NJDEP, Interior Dept. Officials Celebrate Land Transfer at Great Swamp (02/3)
Jan. 3, 2002 Report Outlines Impacts of Mercury in NJ and New Plan to Reduce Mercury in the Environment (02/1)