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Digital Geodata Series
DGS01-1 ArcView 3.x Extension for 3D Well-Field Generation and Visualization

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DGS01-1 includes the ArcView 3.x extension 3DWellField.avx.  This extension is used to generate and visualize three-dimensional (3D) shapefiles of  well-field well-construction parts, inclined planes, packer-test  results, borehole fractures, and geophysical logs based on borehole and rock-core records.  The extension is dependent on the ESRI ArcView 3D Analyst extension.  Data required for shapefile generation can be compiled outside of ArcView, then joined with a two-dimensional (2D) coverage of well locations in ArcView to generate and visualize the well-field components. The extension generates 3D multi-part shapefiles of well parts for cased, open, screened, and packer-tested intervals, 3D plane shapefiles of  inclined stratigraphic contacts, water-bearing zones, and borehole fractures, and 3D polyline shapefiles of geophysical borehole logs. The extension also provides a tool for calculating the depth(s) of intersection for an inclined plane of known location and orientation for each well in the well field.  Instructions for loading the extension, organizing the input data, and executing the extension functions are detailed within the User's Guide along with sample output.

Sample images of a 3D well field generated using 3DWellField.avx.
Click on an image for more detail.
Sample Image 1

3D features include a set of control lines (purple) at the surface
corresponding to property boundaries and infrastructure,
bed-parallel water-bearing zones (lt. blue, red, and orange
planes oriented at dip azimuth 133 degrees, inclination 17 degrees,
strike length 200 ft., and a strike-to-dip aspect of 2:1), and multicolored
packer-test shapes covering parts of many wells (20-ft. sampled intervals).

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