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Digital Geodata Series
DGS96-4 Field Data Management System (v. 2.1)

The Field data Management System (FMS v. 2.1) is computer software designed for managing, analyzing, and plotting structural geology data. The FMS is composed of two sets of files: one for managing structural geology data on the DOS-PC platform (, and another for displaying and generating structural geology themes within the UNIX ARC/INFO GIS environment (fmsunix.tar). The latter set of programs were developed on Sun SPARCstations running ARC/INFO (v. 7.x) and have not been tested on other platforms. Refer to the FMS User's Guide for a description on program installation and operating procedures.

The FMS is used by the NJGS for managing and analyzing outcrop-based and remotely-sensed structural data and for integrating these data into full-color, quadrangle-scale geologic maps with oriented and annotated structural symbols. The FMS uses geological data that are organized into ASCII data files, usually through keyboard entry. Structural data can then be sorted based on location, stratigraphic unit, and structural variables and graphically plotted in either the map or profile view using a variety of PC-analysis tools. Most of these tools use standard or circular histograms for analyzing the frequency of structural bearing. Statistics are also available for the structural inclination and the quantity of structural data within a sorted data set. Other DOS-PC utilities include data import and export filters that format structural data for use with other commercial geologic analysis software. The FMS does not build GIS coverages of structural symbols - it provides tools for automatically plotting oriented structural geology symbols on ARCPLOT map compositions. Plot files It also can be used for generating GIS themes for the structural bearing or apparent inclination of structures such as fracture-traces.

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N.J. Geological Survey Field data Management System v. 2.1
DOS Programs

contains the following files:

fms.exe (74KB)- the executable program file

Program files chained to fms.exe:

datasort.pbc (37KB),
fmsmenu.pbc (5KB),
infoconv.pbc (11KB),
linsort.pbc (11KB),
prindat.pbc (9KB),
sterconv.pbc (9KB),
ezsort.pbc (29KB),
lincalc.pbc (23KB),
fdupdat.pbc (10KB),
rosestat.pbc (37KB),
fieldata.pbc (28KB),
varisort.pbc (15KB),
fracgen.pbc (27KB),
arcazmth.pbc (14KB)

Sample data and statistics files:

bangor.fd (5KB)- sample fieldata file
testp.fdz (1KB)- sample ezsort data file for planes
testlin.fdz (31KB)- sample ezsort data file for lineations
dumda.lut (1KB)- dummy *.lut file for rosestat routine for generating mesostructure plots pjul_19.mes (7KB)- sample mesostructure file

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FMS UNIX meso.aml menu

FMS UNIX map-setup menu

FMS UNIX plot menu

N.J. Geological Survey Field data Management System v. 2.1

fmsunix.tar (255KB)
contains the following files:

meso/ (0KB),
meso/meso.aml (1KB)
meso/help2 (1KB), meso/help1 (1KB), meso/help3 (1KB)
meso/spc17pal.e00 (42KB) - station coverage
meso/bedrocKB.lin (12KB) - linesymbol set
meso/bedrocKB.mrKB (6KB) - marKBersymbol set
meso/fnt034 (47KB) - font set
meso/log (1KB)

meso/mes/ (0KB),
meso/mes/newfccr.mes (1KB),
meso/mes/newfjnts.mes (9KB),
meso/mes/nfnwhldj.mes (6KB),
meso/mes/nfpaljmx.mes (3KB)
meso/mes/nfpaljpz.mes (2KB), meso/mes/nfpzjmax.mes (4KB),
meso/mes/nfpzlin.mes (3KB), meso/mes/nfsehldj.mes (10KB),
meso/mes/nwfpzjf1.mes (2KB), meso/mes/rvnewfo2.mes (6KB),
meso/mes/tempj.mes (1KB), meso/mes/spc17bed.mes (6KB),
meso/mes/spc17csd.mes (3KB), meso/mes/spc17lfa.mes (1KB)

meso/amls/ (0KB)
meso/amls/icons/ (0KB)
meso/amls/icons/setup.icon (3KB), meso/amls/icons/done.icon (4KB),
meso/amls/icons/draw.icon (3KB), meso/amls/icons/location.icon (3KB),
meso/amls/icons/reset.icon (3KB), meso/amls/icons/drawsym.icon (3KB),
meso/amls/icons/plot.icon (4KB), meso/amls/icons/resetmap.icon (3KB),
meso/amls/icons/quit_ap.icon (4KB), meso/amls/icons/clear.icon (3KB),
meso/amls/icons/reset_ap.icon (3KB), meso/amls/icons/setamls.icon (3KB),
meso/amls/icons/mcomp.icon (3KB), meso/amls/startup.mnu (2KB),
meso/amls/draw.aml (11KB), meso/amls/mcomp.mnu (4KB),
meso/amls/custom.aml (1KB), meso/amls/diplhelp.aml (1KB),
meso/amls/done.mnu (1KB), meso/amls/location.mnu (4KB),
meso/amls/plot.aml (1KB), meso/amls/symplot.aml (5KB)

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