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Digital Geodata Series
DGS97-1 Public-Community Water-Supply Wells of New Jersey

The public community water supply (PCWS) layer was removed until a secure web portal is developed.

The PCWS data are sensitive in nature. Currently, these data are distributed only to those entities which can demonstrate a need for the data and guarantee data confidentiality.  To obtain the PCWS data send a written request with the following information:

1. A description of the entity or company that is requesting the information;

2. Identify the specific informational need;

3. Establish the purpose and/or reason for the request or need for the data set;

4. Provide a description of the product or output for which the information is requested;

5. Provide a description of existing protocols which address handling and storage procedures to protect the information from unauthorized access of computer or written records.  Specifically address provisions for the following:

         a. Protection of electronic files (containing sensitive information) on protected servers, with appropriate cyber security features, such as firewalls, intrusion detection, etc.;
          b. Protection of paper files (containing sensitive information) in designated storage areas;
         c. Access controls in place which limit access to only those staff/employees who necessitate the use of the information as part of their scope of work; and

6. Establish your acceptance and responsibility to implement/maintain appropriate protocols to safeguard this information.

This request should be addressed to the Director of the Division of Water Supply & Geoscience at:

The Director   
Division of Water Supply and Geosciences
NJ Department of Environmental Protection
Mail Code 401-04Q
P.O. Box 420
Trenton, New Jersey 08625

The Division of Water Supply and Geosciences provides a number of pre-built well-search queries on the NJDEP’s Data Miner web site. These provide non-confidential information, including an Aerial Receptor Evaluation Search.

Questions with these particular queries may be emailed to The link to these queries is


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