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Geophysical Publications

For further information about items in the list, refer to the Maps and Publications


GSR 9 - Bouguer Gravity Anomaly Maps of New Jersey, Bonini, William E., 1965, 10 p., 4 illus. Download PDF (2.25 MB)

GSR 17 - Geophysical Investigations to Determine Bedrock Topography in the East Hanover-Morristown Area, Morris County, New Jersey, Ghatge, Suhas L., and Hall, David W., 1989, 24 p., 3 plates, 7 illus., 4 tables Download PDF (10.6MB)

GSR 26 - A Marine Seismic Survey to Delineate Tertiary and Quaternary Stratigraphy of Coastal Plain Sediments Offshore to Atlantic City, New Jersey, Waldner, Jeffrey S., and Hall, David W., 1991, 15 p. Download PDF (1.15 MB)

GSR 30 - Directory of New Jersey Aerial Photography, Sass, Ken, 1992, 17 p. Download PDF (0.97 MB)

GSR 31 - Catalog of New Jersey Earthquakes through 1990, Dombroski, Daniel R., Jr., 1992, 30 p., 2 illus. Download PDF (787 KB)

GSR 33 - Hydrogeologic Framework of the Middle and Lower Rockaway River Basin, Morris County, New Jersey, Canace, Robert, and others, 1993, 68 p., 3 plates, 4 illus., 3 tables Download PDF (8.82 MB)

GSR 37 - Geophysical Investigation of the Potomac-Raritan-Magothy Aquifer System and Underlying Bedrock in Parts of Middlesex and Mercer Counties, New Jersey, Sandberg, Stewart K. and others, 1996, 33 p., 3 plates, 4 illus., 7 tables Download PDF (7.37 MB)


OFM 57, Magnetic Anomaly Map of New Jersey and Vicinity, Ghatge, Suhas L., 2004, scale 1 to 500,000, size 18x36. Download PDF (349KB)

OFM 55, Bouguer Gravity Anomaly Map of New Jersey and Vicinity, Ghatge, Suhas L., 2004, scale 1 to 500,000, size 22x41. Download PDF (544KB)


OFR 90-2 - Gravity Base Station Network in Northern New Jersey, Ghatge, Suhas L., and Jagel, Donald L., 1990, 39 p.Download PDF (13.1MB)

OFR 91-1 - Detection of an Abandoned Mine using High-Resolution Geophysical Methods in Randolph Township, Morris County, New Jersey, Ghatge, Suhas L., and Waldner, Jeffrey S., 1991, 10 p. Download PDF (3.49MB)

OFR 91-3 - Preliminary Textural and Mineralogical Analysis of Vibracore Samples Collected Between Absecon and Barnegat Inlets, New Jersey, Uptegrove, Jane, and others, 1991, 11 p. Download PDF (833 KB)

OFR 92-2 - Field Guide to the Geology of Radon Hazard Areas in New Jersey, Muessig, Karl, and others, 1992, 18 p. Download PDF (1.12 MB)

OFR 92-3 - Plan to Evaluate the Hydrogeology of the Valley-Fill and Carbonate-Rock Aquifers near Long Valley in the New Jersey Highlands, McAuley, Steven D., and others, 1992, 24 p. Download PDF (1.22 MB)

OFR 95-1 - Characterization of Offshore Sediments in Federal Waters as Potential Sources of Beach Replenishment Sand - Phase 1, Uptegrove, Jane and others, 1995, 148 p., 16 illus., 14 tables. Download PDF (4.81 MB)


GMS 91-4, Bedrock Topography Map of the Millburn-Springfield Area, Essex and Union Counties, New Jersey, Ghatge, S. L., and Hall, D. W., 1991, size 28 x 40 Download PDF (7.76MB)

GMS 92-2, Gravity Investigation to Delineate Subsurface Geology in the Beemerville Intrusive Complex Area, Sussex County, New Jersey, Ghatge, S. L., Jagel, D. L., and Herman, G. C, 1992, size 44 x 58, map scale 1 to 100,000 Download PDF (14.7MB)

GMS 12-3, Geology of the New Jersey Offshore in the Vicinity of Barnegat Inlet and Long Beach Island, Uptegrove, Jane, Waldner, Jeffrey S., Stanford, Scott D., Monteverde, Donald H., Sheridan, Robert E., and Hall, David W., 2012. Download PDF

GMS 15-3, Significant Sand Resource Areas in State and Federal Waters offshore Monmouth County, New Jersey, Castelli, Michael C., Latini, Daniel, Uptegrove, Jane, Waldner, Jeffrey S., Hall, David W. and Friedman, Andrea L., 2015. Download PDF


TM 88-1 - Seismic refraction and gravity investigation of topography at Lakeland Regional High School, Wanaque, Passaic County, New Jersey, 1988, Thomas C. Bambrick and Donald Jagel, 16 p. Download PDF (685 KB)

TM 88-5 - Seismic refraction and electrical resistivity surveys, West Milford Township, Passaic County, New Jersey, Jeffrey S. Waldner, Thomas C. Bambrick, and John C. Groenewold, 1988, 35 p. Download PDF (3.49MB)

TM 89-2 - Determination of bedrock topography and geology using various geophysical techniques, Suhas L. Ghatge, David L. Pasicznyk, Stewart K. Sandberg, David W. Hall, and John C. Groenwold, 1989, 23 p. Download PDF (3MB)


NJDEP's Field Sampling Procedures Manual, 2005; Chapter 8: Geophysical Techinques.


DGS04-2 Bouguer Gravity Anomalies of New Jersey

DGS04-3 Magnetic Anomalies of New Jersey

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