Babcock Creek Preserve
Hamilton Township, Atlantic County
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Preserve Info

This completely forested tract includes pitch pine dominated lowlands and uplands. Scrub oak and mountain laurel add to the composition of the forest. This area had once been associated with the brick manufacturing facility adjacent to the property. That facility, recognized locally by its landmark brink chimneys seen along Route 40 east of Mays Landing, later used its brick kiln ovens for manufacturing charcoal. Long since abandoned, the facility and its kiln chimneys are being converted to commercial development. Fortunately these acres will be forever protected as open space.

Public Access and Uses

The site is adjacent to Hamilton Township recreation fields and other township open space. The Atlantic County Bikeway is planned to pass though this site, following route 40. The property has minimal frontage along Route 40. Access is also available though the adjacent Hamilton Township recreation fields. No maintained hiking trails are available. In the future, visitors will be able to utilize the Atlantic County Bikeway to view areas of the Preserve. The Trust allows registration for deer hunting at this preserve.

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