Game Branch Preserve
Carney’s Point & Oldman’s Twps, Salem County
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Preserve Info

One of the Trusts' model holdings, this preserve is critical for local and migratory wildlife. The wetland forests of the preserve are some of the most extensive in the region. Located less than one mile from the Delaware River, migrating songbirds depend on this forest for stop-over cover on their southward migrations. The unbroken forest habitats also provide desirable nesting sites for interior forest nesting birds including scarlet tanager and ovenbird. The wet woodlands are dotted with countless shallow, seasonal ponds. These vernal ponds possess perfect conditions for frogs and salamanders to breed. Several old abandoned agricultural fields are managed strictly for the benefit of wildlife. Using funding from the Natural Resources Conservation Service’s Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program (WHIP), the Trust has cleared overgrown brush and planted warm season grass to improve habitat for bobwhite quail.

Public Access and Uses

Pull-off parking is available at the preserve. No hiking trails or other facilities are available. The Trust allows registration for deer hunting at this preserve.

Game Branch Preserve