Long-A-Coming Preserve
Winslow Township, Camden County
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Preserve Info

Long-A-Coming Preserve is an assembly of properties that have been donated by the private citizens, the New Jersey Conservation Foundation, or have been purchased through funding by the State Green Acres Program. Efforts by the Trust thus far have protected 106 acres of open space. Camden County Department of Parks and Conservation has protected many more adjacent acres including New Brooklyn Park, further downstream of the namesake, Long-A-Coming Branch. This dense hardwood swamp contains southern red oak, sometimes called “turkey foot oak” because of the image of the leaf's shape. Sweet pepperbush forms a thick shrub layer in much of the forest. Atlantic white cedars grow in the wetter zones along the stream corridor. This area of the inner coastal plain physiographic province contains a unique assembly of small, mostly round shaped vernal ponds, sometimes known as “pingos.” These ponds dry up in summer, which can provide the special conditions required for certain rare plants. Due to the summer dry downs, Pine Barrens treefrogs can breed in these ponds free from predatory fish.

Public Access and Uses

Limited roadside parking can be had along Williamstown - New Freedom Road. No maintained trails are available. The Trust allows registration for deer hunting at this preserve.

Pine Barrens Treefrog