Mount Rascal Preserve
Independence Township, Warren County
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  • Deer Hunting:
    Bow Only
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Preserve Info

Named for this rural Warren County road, the steep, twisting topography helps focus an image of Mt. Rascal. Historic maps of the area identify home sites of early settlers. The 1874 map of Independence Township includes the Morris H. Weise farm on a portion of this property. A small one-and-one-half story stone house and a very large stone barn-like building would seem to suggest an even earlier architecture typical of German settlement. Hillside farming was no doubt a hard subsistence. In the forest, visitors will find row after row of stone walls. Farmers gathered and piled these stones by hand and these walls remain as a testament to the difficult tasks of early settlers. The small farm was last occupied by the DiMeio family, who lived in the original stone house but later built their own stone house next door. Though the houses and large barns are now gone, the site of the old stone spring house continues to bubble up clear, cool water. The wetlands are home to the state threatened wood turtle and several species of rare plants.

Public Access and Uses

A small off-street parking area located on Mt. Rascal Road is available during deer hunting season only. Limited roadside parking is available year-round on Mt. Rascal and Petersburg Roads. The Trust allows registration for bow hunting only at this preserve.

Mount Rascal Preserve