Reinhardt Preserve
Montaque Township, Sussex County
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Preserve Info

The Reinhardt Preserve was the very first property donated to the Trust in 1973. Acquired initially by the Nearpass family in the early 1800s, it was inherited by Goyn Reinhardt from his wife’s estate. Goyn, who visited this property daily to cut firewood and tend to other chores, felt strongly that the old farm never be developed. Eventually, Goyn would come to donate the property to the Trust for the perpetual preservation of the forest, waters and wildlife. With Goyn's help, the Trust extended protection to neighboring properties including two donated conservation easements. Adjoining High Point State Park, the preserve’s wide vistas of forested hills and open valley will remain. Speeding motorists might not take notice of the old limestone kiln, opposite Reinhardt Road. In the old times, the fired kiln “cooked” limestone rock quarried from the hillside by Goyn and his family. The resulting powered limestone would be spread to “sweeten the soil” of the farmland.

Oak, maple, hickory and hemlock are representative of the unbroken forest. Springtime songs of the ovenbird and wood thrush are heard along the small rocky stream. Come summer the ripened blueberries and blackberries are sought after by black bears and wild turkey. In fall ruffed grouse may be heard drumming its wings from atop a fallen log. Deep snows of winter bring a cold silence.

Public Access and Uses

The best access is along Reinhardt Road or Clove Road, though parking is limited. No hiking trails or facilities are available. With their assistance, the property is posted with New Jersey State Park signs as well as NJ Natural Lands Trust preserve signs. Hunting is not permitted on this preserve.

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