Retreat Preserve
Southampton Township, Burlington County
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Preserve Info

Retreat, to some, could imply a vacation or relaxation. To others it may mean to run away, seek solitude and isolation, withdraw. Although this preserve name is derived from a local place name, both definitions could well apply to the Trust’s Retreat Preserve. Retreat is definitely isolated. In its dense forest of pines and Atlantic white cedar swamps, a distant call from a great horned owl could leave you to feeling very alone and remote. But one should not lose sight of the preserve’s bright side. Friendship Swamp offers a scenic winding and open marshy area along the banks of the Rancocas River. Long abandoned cranberry bogs provide areas of wet emergent marsh. If you are able to pick your way through this expansive wet forest, you’ll likely hear the lively scratching and chatter from towhee in the underbrush. Or perhaps a glimpse of a great horned owl before it retreats back into the forest.

Public Access and Uses

Limited roadside parking is available along New Road. No maintained trails are available. The Trust allows registration for deer hunting at this preserve.

great horned owl