Richard Buhlman Preserve
Fairfield Township, Cumberland County
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Preserve Info

In 1991, Julia Buhlman donated a 17-acre property in memory of her husband. Today, thanks to additional donors, the preserve has more than tripled in size. The preserve includes extensive upland forests which level out from steep slopes along the Rattlesnake Gut and Cow Slip Creek tributaries. The tributaries join within the preserve and then flow into the Cohansey River. The upland forests, which provide an important buffer for the tributaries and their associated wetlands, consist of white oak, holly, and mountain laurel and areas of dense young pines beneath a thinning canopy of oak. The dense forest vegetation is home to nesting songbirds, while flocks of wood ducks can be seen migrating along the tree-lined streams and resting within the preserve’s wetlands.

Public Access and Uses

Access to the preserve is limited due to minimal road frontage. A point along Rama Road offers limited access. No hiking trails or other facilities are available. The Trust allows registration for deer hunting at this preserve.

Richard Buhlman Preserve