Wallkill Preserve
Sparta Township & Ogdensburg Borough, Sussex County
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Preserve Info

Lower stretches of the Wallkill River are now part of the National Wildlife Refuge system. Certainly every bit as important to conservation are the upper portions of this pristine river. The Trust’s 218 acres of protected habitat are testimony to the wildlife resource values of the area. Open marsh wetlands are documented habitats for federally protected bog turtles. Numerous plants are key indicator species for these unique wetland ecosystems. The main stem of the Wallkill was reportedly used as a major transportation route for Native Americans moving northward between summering areas and hunting grounds. Waterfowl also utilize the river during their migrations, hiding in the patchwork of backwaters, oxbows and beaver ponds. The Trust continues to focus attention along the Wallkill, and seeks future land preservation opportunities to enhance conservation in this region.

Public Access and Uses

Many small individual properties form this preserve. Access and parking at each preserve varies. No maintained hiking trails are available. However, some use can be made of old woods roads for birding and short hikes. The Trust allows registration for deer hunting at this preserve. Hunters should take special note of adjacent ownership including schools, playgrounds and private homes and property.

Walkill Preserve