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The NJCMP’s Federal Consistency Program provides the State with the ability to protect its coastal and marine resources and uses by ensuring that Federal actions are consistent with New Jersey’s coastal policies. PCM coordinates federal consistency reviews, ensuring cooperation between applicants, State agencies, and Federal agencies.

When certain in-water activities, such as the construction of docks, result in the loss of productive, harvestable shellfish habitat, mitigation must be provided through a contribution to the Department’s dedicated account for shellfish habitat mitigation. DLUR assigns and collects the fees, but the Marine Fisheries Administration’s Bureau of Shellfisheries conducts the mitigation. PCM coordinates between the two offices, including by helping to establish a Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) that provides the framework for both the collection and use of the funds.

Regulating land use activities can be a complicated endeavor that is enhanced by participation and cooperation from all of Land Use Management as well as other groups and organizations within the Department, throughout New Jersey at the local level, and also at the Federal level. The Office of Policy and Coastal Management is responsible for bringing these diverse participants together and facilitating communication between them.


In addition to PCM, Land Use Management consists of the Division of Land Use Regulation (DLUR), which reviews and issues land use permits. PCM helps coordinate their efforts by developing the regulations used by DLUR and by preparing and submitting all program changes related to the New Jersey Coastal Management Program (NJCMP).

Shellfish Mitigation

Federal Consistency



PCM's other coordination activities include:

Living shorelines are a nature-based shoreline management practice for the protection, restoration, or enhancement of vegetated shorelines, beaches, and habitat in the littoral zone through the strategic placement of plants, stone, sand, or other structural and organic materials. PCM is Land Use Management’s point of contact for all proposed living shorelines projects.

Living Shorelines






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