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How to Get Involved


Interested in getting involved with land use rulemaking?

Have an opinion to share or a question to ask?


Because public involvement is such an essential component to the rulemaking process, a 60-day public comment period follows the publication of each rule proposal. Land Use Management will also often hold a public hearing to provide the public with an additional opportunity to participate.


In our list of Rulemaking Events below, you will find the publication date of any current land use rule proposals with the opening and closing dates for the public comment period and information on where and how to submit your comments. You will also find the relevant information for any public hearings that have been scheduled, including dates, times, and locations.


The rule proposals are posted on the Department’s Rules and Regulations webpage.


If you have any questions about any of the land use rules, you can send them to the Office of Policy and Coastal Management at OPI@dep.nj.govAlso, check out our Rules FAQs page.


How to Get Involved


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  • May 16, 2018– Notice of Request for Approval of Routine Program Change for Coastal Management Program

Federal regulations require states with approved coastal management programs to submit any changes or amendments to their coastal management programs to the NOAA so that they can determine if the program, after the change, remains approvable.


In compliance with these regulations, the Department is proposing to modify the Federally approved New Jersey Coastal Management Program (NJCMP) to incorporate as an enforceable policy the Shore Tourism and Ocean Protection from Offshore Oil and Gas Act signed by Governor Murphy on April 20, 2018 pursuant to Federal Regulation 15 C.F.R. 923.80-923.84.


To view the Notice of Program Change click here (PDF)


To view the Program Change Submission click here (PDF)

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Contact PCM:

Email:  Phone: (609).633.2201  Fax: (609).292.4608



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