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Five-Year Plan:

In the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Department of Land Use Regulation (DLUR) and Marine Fisheries Administration (MFA), signed in 2016, MFA agreed to prepare a five-year conceptual spending plan for shellfish habitat mitigation activities funded by the dedicated account. The five-year plan identifies the goals of MFA for the five year period and conceptually proposes activities that help achieve those goals. The plan describes each planned activity including background information, objectives, and tasks. The plan also includes methods for evaluating the performance of the implemented activities.


Please note that the five-year plan is a conceptual spending plan. It is considered a living document that can be amended by MFA at any time during the five-year period to add, modify, or remove proposed activities to adapt to changing conditions, priorities, staffing, and resources.


Click here for the most current five-year plan.

Annual Report:

The MOU direct MFA to provide a report to DLUR of each year’s shellfish mitigation activities by January 15th of the following year. These annual reports summarize the activities conducted the previous year and describe how the activities implement the five-year plan. The reports summarize each completed and ongoing activity and include monitoring results to assess the success or failure of shellfish enhancement and restoration activities.


See the links below for each annual report:

2017 Report - New!





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